Cyber Laws And Cyber Crimes Assignment Help

As the technology advances and the use of computers, mobile and Internet increases, it has brought many advantages to worldwide users, but on the other hand, cases of a misused of technology for committing crime has been increased. At Assignment Help, we approach Cyber Crime as a criminal activity committed on the internet. In Assignment Help, we have used this as a broad term, which describes everything from electronic cracking to denial of service attacks that cause electronic commerce sites to lose money, or accessing information of any kind using unauthorized means to obtain wrongful gains. The types of Cybercrime are: Assault by Threat, Child Pornography, Cyber Contraband, Cyberstalking, Cyberlaundering, Cyberterrorism, Cybertheft amongst the others.

Cyber Laws And Cyber Crimes Law Assignment Help Through Online Tutoring and Guided Sessions from AssignmentHelp.Net

Cyber Laws And Cyber Crimes Assignment Help

The Assignment at Assignment Help will explore how technology and the social and cultural changes it has brought about, challenge our traditional approaches to criminal law and procedure, in particular core concepts such as knowledge and intent, causation, justification or excuse, and jurisdiction. At Assignment Help, we will approach the subject of cybercrime from both doctrinal and policy standpoints. We begin by analyzing the nature of cybercrime and the ways in which it may or may not be different from "regular" crimes, and may or may not require specialized statutes or enforcement. We will then review relevant statutes including the federal Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, the Wiretap Act, and state and foreign equivalents. We will consider conduct such as hacking, DDoS attacks and extortion, data and identity theft, phishing and other online fraud, economic espionage, threats, harassment, cyberbullying, and cyberstalking. We will devote substantial attention to procedural issues such as electronic surveillance, search and seizure, and evidentiary questions, with an emphasis on differing expectations of privacy in an online world, on notions of self-incrimination through compelled disclosure of passwords or access controls, on the difficulties of balancing privacy interests against valid law enforcement interests and on unique authentication and admissibility challenges posed by digital and online evidence.

At Assignment Help, we provide help with the study of Cyber Crimes and Deliquesces. Our online tutors can provide law Assignment Help with questions and topics ranging from covering Cyber Crimes, Cyber Defamation, Electronic Evidence, Cyber Felony, Delegated Legislation, Public Administration Functioning of the Tribunals and the interaction of legislative, executive, and judicial agencies in the making, administering, and interpreting the law; to the goals of the administrative actions and possibilities for future development of it; to the private lawyer's professional role with respect to cyber laws.

Cyber Laws Assignment Help

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