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Human Resources Assignment Help Order NowEvery latest technology, equipment or process is because of the human mind. It is the effort, hard-work and innovation of human that the most difficult task or invention is now possible and easily available. So, the major and most important resource of any organization are human beings. Though presently most of the human activities in any firm, company or industries are being replaced by robotics but again this invention is also done by human beings. So, no machine can ever compete with the human brain. This is the reason most of the organizations- whether big or small; looks for efficient, productive, intelligent and assiduous manpower that can gear the progress of the firm and maintain its dignity. Hence human are the greatest assets for any firm or organization. Human resource management is to increase the use of available manpower in any possible way. Thus human Resources management is the process that involves series of step like- selection, training, motivating, benefits, compensation, welfare, and safety etc. of employees in accordance with the laws and rules of the country.

Human Resources Management Assignment Help

Scope of Human resources management includes:

The scope of Human Resource Management is broad and extensive. Also with the increasing demand of manpower; the scope of HRM is broadening every single day.

1. Individual growth and development that include: planning, hiring, training, progress, transfer, promotion, wages, allowances, development of new skills, etc. Individual development has direct impact on the organizational development.

2. The second scope includes the facilities available in working place for any employees. Safety services, health care services, security services, cleanliness, proper working environment, family benefit etc. Therefore making the working environment active, fresh and lively creates positivity and helps in proper functioning of the organization.

3. Addressing labor or employees in order to listen their queries and settle their disputes. Therefore to maintain good understanding between the working employees, it is important to have good communication between the working employees and also in between the employee and the management. This allows growth and development of the company keeping away any negative effects.

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Human Resources Assignment Help

Process in HRM

The working of any organization completely depends on its vision and mission. So HRM is a process that helps in achieving the mission of the company. Hence the steps followed for this task are mentioned below:

1. Human resource planning: Without proper planning, no any activity can be smoothly carried out in the organization. Hence Planning includes recruitment process where the vacancy is announced for the available post and attractive information is outlined. Second is the selection process where the candidates who meet the company’s requirement are shortlisted for specific post. Then is the hiring that includes final selection of the potential candidate. Then comes the training that involves training selected candidate for the job.

2. Wages and benefits: This involves deciding for the salaries, benefits, promotions, bonus etc. to be given to the selected employees. Since money is the major reason for any people to join the company, so attractive wages and pay motivates employees to do the better work.

3. Relation with employees: It is very important to maintain good relationship with employees. The progress of an organization is due to the hard-work and creativity of the employees. In order to motivate them for doing good work, it is important to keep good relationship with the employees.

4. Check in the performance: The important factor that contributes to the effective process in HRM is keeping an eye on the performance of employees and then rewarding them for their good work.

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Nature of HRM

  1. Planning and organizing
  2. Directing and controlling
  3. Development and maintenance
  4. Achieving organization, social and individual objectives
  5. Spirit and team work
  6. Linked to number of other fields like: sociology, psychology, economics and management.

Importance of HRM

  1. Only the right person is allowed to seek the job. Hence effective implementation of HRM helps to add beneficial man-force in the company.
  2. Improves the economic condition of the company.
  3. By making maximum use of resources and keeping a positive attitude between the employees; human resource management helps in achieving the objective of an organization.
  4. The training provided to employees under human resource management helps in their professional growth.
  5. Proper implication of Human resource management helps to maintain good relationship between management and the workers.
  6. Allows the opportunity to work in a team or a group.
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