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Conflict resolution between management and the workforce is essential; every organization also needs to have a system in place to deal with areas of disagreement that arise between the individual and the organization. Where the individual is grieved due to an action, or a lack of action, by management, then this can lead to a formal grievance process. Where the organization is dissatisfied with the actions, or lack of action, of an employee, then this can lead to a formal disciplinary process and, ultimately, if serious enough, to dismissal taking place.

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Most minor grievances and disciplinary matters can be dealt with in the day to day informal contact between employees and management. Little disagreements, small request here, an advice there, an informal discussion on the floor or in the office can solve 90% of problems from both sides. However, to find a solution to this 10% which cannot be settled in this way needs a formal procedure that provides an agreed system and approach within which both sides can work towards a solution. Procedures for grievance and discipline are in place in many establishments.

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