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What is stress exactly?

Stress is a reaction that comes out from a person who has been burdened under excessive pressure, expectations and demand. The problem of Stress doesn’t arise through pressure or expectation or demand but when a person reaches a certain height where he cannot cop up with it anymore.

S = P > R


S = Stress

P = Pressure

R = Resource

Types of stressors

  1. External
  2. Internal

External Stressors: -

External stressors have Physical Environment, Social interaction, organizational, Major life events, Daily Hassles as its content.

Internal stressors: -

Internal stressors include Lifestyle choices, Negative self-talk, Mind traps, Personality traits.

Types of stress: -

  1. Positive
  2. Negative

Positive Stress: -

Stress can be positive too as stress generates a sense of urgency in human which could prove helpful while facing or going through any critical or crucial circumstances. A person learns how to cope up with situations.

Negative Stress: -

Negative stress can be defined as Unrelieved, untreated stress which could give rise to various illness, Physical as well as mental.

Hereafter knowing a little about stress lets read how can we manage it.

Stress Management: -

Controlling the stress by various means and techniques could be termed as stress management. We get to see a lot of stress in our surrounding but major stressed environment is found in offices and workplaces. And the majority of the population spends most of their time here only, so somewhere it is a duty of personnel manager to look into this issue and comes with a solution as a stressed employee can never work with all of the potentials a person has.

Stress management strategies

  1. Conducting a wellness program
  2. Flexible work schedule
  3. Health & safety security
  4. Identifying the causes of stress
  5. HR as bridge
  6. Look for irrelevant policies and make amendments
  7. Feeling of empathy

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  1. Conducting a wellness program: -

A company should hold wellness programs to let their employees feel free and relaxed so they can work without having stress in their mind. These programs include EAPs, Employee assistance program, stress relieving workshops, GYMS, massage days at work, etc. While talking about wellness programs we cannot a great organization GOOGLE, the organization has massage parlors, nap rooms, office dog room, a color-coded healthy cafeteria, ping pong tables, the Lego stations, and also a big slide. These facilities don’t let its employees get stressed and talking about their productivity, all of us are well familiar to it.

  1. Flexible Work Schedule: -

Flexible work hour schedule is another stress relieving strategy which has helped the various organization to eliminate stress and increase the productivity of the organization.  This strategy includes telecommuting, Flexible working hours, Part-time work and job sharing. Sometimes employees do feel more relax and comfortable at home this can be more productive if allowed to work from home.

An organization MIND TOOLS use a concept under this strategy named as, RESULTS – ONLY WORK ENVIRONMENT (ROWE). In this concept, the organization measures staff’s performance on the basis of performance, result or output and not on the basis of physical presence in office or no. of hours worked.

  1. Health and Safety Security: -

An employee working in an organization is expected to give his 100% so the productivity of the organization increases. The organization does pay salary to the employees for that but the salary is not enough they should be paid with something more, not in cash but surely in kinds. Their health and safety should be taken care of so they can feel more comfortable, healthy in secure.

  1. Identifying the causes of stress: -

In hospitals, doctors examine the patient and try to find the disease first and then starts the treatment accordingly, likewise manpower management in the organizations should also look for the causes of stress at workplace first and they should start working on it in order to resolve them.

  1. HR as a bridge: -

Human resource department is somewhere placed between higher authorities and stressed employees and thus acts as a bridge. It is their duty to work on the stressors found in the workplace, the reason behind it, should analyze the problem and the solutions and then work on it.  It is their responsibility that employees at the workplace should not be stressed and work freely. All of this is only possible by proper planning and organizing.

  1. Look for irrelevant policies and make amendments: -

While analyzing reasons of stress in the workplace there are major changes that maximum percentage of stress could be because of some of the policies and rules of the organization which can be changed and should be changed for the betterment of employees as well as the organization.

  1. Feeling of empathy: -

Personnel manager is the only one, an employee can depend on for his/her betterment. It is the duty of the personnel manager to maintain good relation with the employees and make them feel comfortable so that they can freely and easily discuss all the problems they are facing and also the possible reasons. And on the other hand, the personnel manager should the feeling of empathy, not just show but should mean and understand the employee’s point of view and assure him that all the problems will remain confidential and also will sort as soon as possible.

Creative ways used by the organization to help the employees get over the stress

  1. Builders Mutual Insurance Company, Inc.

The organization has installed a pool table and foosball table for the employees to relax or play when they need a break. The organization also raise funds for American Cancer Society by holding tournaments of the game.

  1. Mission Rock Residential, LLC

The company keeps on organizing a contest that helps employees to get over stress and enjoy. Recently the company organized a holiday decorating contest which not just relieved the stress of the employee but also helps them to keep the team spirit up and maintain the interactive environment on the premises.

  1. Promega Corporation

The organization has built some spaces that they refer to as 3rd spaces.

It is away from the employee’s desk where he/she can go and work to have a change and reenergize themselves. And they also provide space for meditation.

  1. Halogen Software

The organization organized a “pop chip” party to help the employees to get over the end of the quarter stress where they covered some of their board room with bubble wrap and uncountable flavors of chip and called the employees and pop the bubble wrap and enjoy the chip.

  1. Visit Pittsburgh
    The organization organizes a trip where each and every employee on a trip which is not just a stress relieving office trip but more a building friendship trip that helps the employees to interact with each other and have fun.

Advantages of Stress Management

  • Business Advantages of stress management
  • Health Advantages of stress management
  1. Business advantages of stress management: -
  • Effectiveness and efficiency at the workplace
  • Better job performance
  • Fewer conflicts in the workplace
  • The better attitude of employees towards each other
  • More productivity, more business, more profit
  1. Health advantages of stress management: -
  • Low-stress level
  • Low anxiety
  • Low medication
  • Improved self – esteem

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