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Recruitment and Selection

A business is not just about a business model, it is a comprehensive project of different elements like finance, workers, supervision etc. If finance works as the lifeline for the business, the employees and workers work as the driving power of the business. Thus the staffing process is as important as the financial management process.

Staffing refers to the process of estimating manpower requirement, recruiting them, selecting them and appointing them to work. It basically means placing the right man at the right position for the right job.

"If you pick the right people and give them the opportunity to spread their wings—and put compensation as a carrier behind it—you almost don't have to manage them."

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Staffing consists of four stages:

  1. Estimating manpower requirement: This means estimating or evaluating that how many people are required in the business to fill the job vacancy. It is the basic step which influences the whole staffing process. Any minor error in this regard will cause a huge cost to the business. The business can neither afford under-staffing nor over-staffing.
  2. Recruitment: recruitment means establishing the contact between the employers and applicants. It means the supply of information to the applicants who wish to undertake the job. Without recruitment nothing can be taken forward as the procedure is staffing will start only when there is application from the candidates.
  3. Selection: Selection means selecting the best candidates from the applicants who are eligible to get the job and have enough skills to work for the company. The selection process is a very sensitive process where the decisions are taken after lot of deliberations, discussions and verifications.
  4. Orientation and Appointment: After the selection the candidates are provided with the offer letter and called up for orientation. Orientation means making the employee know about the job profile, functions and making them acquainted with the business environment. Afterwards they are directed to work as per their work assignments.

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The most vital elements of the staffing process are Recruitment and Selection. Let’s have a look at them in deep.

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Recruitment And Selection

Recruitment and Selection Process:

The Recruitment process is the process of sensitizing the people wishing to apply for the job about the vacancies available in the job. This calls for the applicants to apply for the vacancies through a prescribed process. After this the selection process takes place where the applications are scrutinized, shortlisted, interviewed and the final decision is taken.

Generally, the Recruitment and selection process consists of the following:

(i) Identification of Job Vacancy: This means that the job vacancies are to be recognized in the business so as to know how many number of people are required to be hired. The different departments of business report about the vacancy they have in their respective departments and the qualifications they require in the personnel.

(ii) Enlisting the types of jobs: After the ascertainment of the vacancy of the job in the business it is assessed that what kind of employee is required to be hired. It is to be checked whether the full time employment is required or part time employment will work. The tenure of the job needs to be known as if it is a permanent job or temporary job.

(iii) Advertising the Job: It means communicating the requirement of job to the people. The job is advertised through various means like newspaper ads, TV Commercials, Online job portals or pamphlets. This calls the pursuant to apply for the job.

(iv) Filling up of job application forms: This means that the job application form has to be filled by the job applicant with proper information and resume. There must not be any forgery in the authenticity of the information.

(v) Scrutiny of Applications: Once the applicants are done applying, the applications are scrutinized by the HR department. The candidates who appear eligible and capable of the job are shortlisted and promoted to the next level of the selection process.

(vi) Written Test: The shortlisted candidates are then called up for a written test. These tests are to check the knowledge of the applicants in their respective fields. It ensures whether they have appropriate and effective knowledge. This can be checked only through the written test which covers all the technical, psychological and general knowledge of the applicant. If the selectors are satisfied with the knowledge of the applicant, they are promoted to next level of selection process.

(vii) Personal Interview: In the personal interview the personality and attitude of the applicant towards his peer crew and towards the job is tested. It is checked if he is capable enough to be undertaken for the job and if he will be compatible in the work environment of the company. Many of his personal traits get recognized using the interview like his fluency, demeanor and dedication towards the work.

(viii) Reference Check: The references of the selected candidates are also checked. The candidate’s information’s authenticity by contacting the references the candidate provided. The past detail of the candidate is checked. The information is collected from all the previous employers he has worked under. Only after proper scrutiny of the candidate, if the recruiters are convinced about the profile the selection decision is taken.

(ix) Final Selection Decision: The final selection decision is taken after taking into consideration every aspect. Either the application of the applicant is rejected or it is selected. If the application gets selected, the applicant is given the offer letter and on it acceptance the further formalities of the job are discussed.

(x) Placement: On completion of all the formalities, the applicant is given the placement and hence is known as an employee. The orientation and the job work follows the placement. The worker is hired and compensated for his work as per the terms of the agreement signed.

Sources of Recruitment:

There are 2 sources of doing Recruitment:

  1. Internal Source: The internal source of recruitment means when the requirement of personnel in the business is met by recruiting the person available in the existing business. It is just like taking the person from one department to another. It does not require much cost.
  2. External Source: The external source of recruitment means when the requirement of personnel is met in the business by conducting the general procedure of recruitment and selection i.e. advertising, application, scrutiny, test, interview and placement. It requires a lot of cost.

There are two kinds of candidates looking for the job:

  1. Active Candidates: The candidates who are actively looking for new jobs are called Active Candidates. This does not necessarily mean that the candidate is unemployed. These are the candidates who are not satisfied with their previous jobs due to the employer, quality of work, less responsibility or salary.
  2. Passive Candidates: The candidates who are employed and are not looking for the job. These are the people who while doing a job stick to it and don’t change. A business requires such candidates who when working with one person do not look for another job. This proves to be an asset for the business.

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