Human Resourses Sample Assignment Part 2

Read the assignment which is put in zip folder, Look at few of the articles which is put in it, Actually same is used in the assignment in front of u named tim's dilemma.That way you will come to know how to use them to support your case in the assignment.Essentially you need to either search 4 your keyword in the pdf or go through the pdf once to quote a particular point from it. Put the name of author who wrote the pdf (see the way i have done intext reference in my assignment)eg. (Stone 2006) author and year only,this way you have to do intext referencing simultaneously while writing the body and write the whole reference at the end of assignment in harvard style.
Human Resourses Assignment Order Now once gain if you follow how i have written tim's dilemma u will be able to write this new one easily and to the point.

main focus:
print and read ur pdfs
mark the main points u want to use
elaborate your point of view to the question from knowledge in your brain and in the body add the point of author to support it and do intext referencing.

At the same time add the whole reference to ur refrence list at the end in harvard style.
you can use in addition to yours the articles i have sent in this assignment too as they r from 2005-2009 which is what i want. Articles from 1900s are not wanted.

11th July 2008
Dr. Steven Barrett
Managing Director
ACME Financial Services
Elton Mayo Building
44 North Terrace

Dear Steven,
I am pleased to attach the Final Report titled Assessing HRM effectiveness. ACME Financial Services commissioned the Human Resource Management Branch to undertake this project.
The Human Resource Management Branch is grateful for the opportunity to work with you on these projects and looks forward to continuing this relationship in the future.

Yours sincerely

Director HR Planning
ACME Financial Services

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

  1. Introduction
  2. Critical Analysis of the problem
    1. Employee participation in reformation
    2. Strategies in the event of high power distance culture
    3. Resolve and avoid reccurence of the problem
  3. Conclusion
  4. Recommendations
  5. Bibliography

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