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Industrial relations are considered to be the multidisciplinary academic field that further studies the basics of the employment relationship which is further created complication relations between the employees and employers. It is increasing because it is basically seen as the relatively broad connotations. Industrial relations are quite frequent to be further connected with the employment relationships in the broadest sense.

  • It further involves the nonindustrial employment relationships. This can be proved to be quite paralleling as a main trend in the separate but the relevant genre of human resource management.
  • There are some of the scholars who treat industrial relations as a synonymous with the employment relationship as well.
  • Industrial relations have eventually become one of the most important yet complicated issues for modern industrial society. It is quite impossible without any kind of cooperation of labors and also other harmonious relationships in general.
  • It is of major interest to further create and also maintain the good relations between the employees. Industrial relations can be defined as the major relation of the individual and group of people to further get engaged with each other in order to maximize the activities in specific.
  • Industrial relations further include the major attempts at further arriving at major solutions in between the main conflicts between the objectives and values or profit motive and social gain.

Industrial Relations Concept

It comprises of two terms known as the industry and relations. Industry usually refers to any kind individual is engaged. By relations, it means that the relationship eventually exists in the industry in between the employer and the workmen.

  • It looks for the relationship between the management and the workers known in groups of different workers that are represented by the union. Industrial relations show the basic relationship between the employers and the employees within the association.
  • The main field of the industrial relation eventually looks out for the main relationship between the management and the workers because the workers eventually represented by the union.
  • The Industrial relations are therefore the main connections in between the employers or employees, government or institutions and other different associations basically through which these interactions basically take place.
  • The term industrial relations usually have a narrow as well as broad outlook. The industrial relations initially include the major relationships and different connections between the employers and the employees.
  • From this point of view, it usually covers all of the basic concepts of the employment relations involving the human resource management and other employee relations with the union-management relations because it usually means to become quite specific and limited.

However, industrial relations is basically the main study and the practices of the collective communication involving the relations in between with the labor management and the trade unionism but the human resource management was separated to a large distinct field that further deals with the employment relationships and other personnel practices in general including the policies as well.

  • The main relationships usually arise in and out of the workplace basically involve the relations between the individual workers and also between their workers and other employers.
  • This basically shows how the organizations are further formed to promote the respective interests and also show their main relations with those associations at different levels.
  • Industrial relations usually involves the main processes through this kind of relationships that are further expressed and different management in order to create conflict between the employers, workers when it usually arises.

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The basic need for industrial relations

it has further arisen in order to defend the main interest of the workers to further compromise the most reasonable salary and wages because it basically assists the workers to further seek the most perfect working condition in order to produce the maximum output in general.

  • Industrial relations eventually require for the achievement of the democracy by further allowing all the workers to take part in their management prospectus that assists to secure the human rights of the individual.
  • The basic salaries in India are quite attractive in the Indian Subcontinent because it has a flourishing economy and other different job opportunities that are basically emerging because there is a huge scope of extension in the near future.
  • Although, the salary pattern of India is growing larger and according to the 7th pay commission is also spreading and coming through. The salaries of the private sector are considered to be on the upswing mode with the basic increase of 11% on an annual basis.
  • Inflation is considered to be one of the major factors that might nullify the main increase in the salary but the inflation is considered to be still at the lower and it can be seen in the increase in salary later onwards.

The national commission on labor might emphasize the similar concept. According to the NCL, this industrial relation might majorly affect the interests of any two participants known as management and the labor. But the economic and other social goals addresses itself because it helps in regulating all of these relations in the most desired channel possible and is the best position to further act upon as it encompasses the main factors that further manipulate the main behavior of the people at the work.

Here are some of the factors that can affect industrial relations and they are:-

  1. Characters - It basically aims in order to study the main role of the worker union and employer’s federation’s officials, industrial relations officers, shop stewards and many other things at the same time.
  2. Institutions - It basically includes the government, trade unions, employers, that have the direct and the indirect impact on the industrial relations system.
  3. Method - it basically focuses on the collective bargaining and usually works as the participation of the industrial relations schemes of the discipline procedure and other policies and at the same time settling the disputes that come
  4. Content - It basically involves the matter that pertain to the basic employment conditions like the pay or hours of work and then leave the wages and other laws related to this kind of activities. Different kind of regulations that are further governing the labor welfare social society that is concerned with the main workers etc.

As mentioned above the industrial relations basically encompasses the main relationship between the management and the workmen and also plays an important role in the regulatory body to further resolve any kind of industrial dispute in specific. The industrial relations basically cover the following:-

  1. The industrial relations cover the regulatory body to further resolve the main disputes related to the industry
  2. Involves the collective haggle
  3. Involve the role of management, government and union
  4. Workers accusation and restore system
  5. Industrial relations training
  6. Disciplined practice and policy

Importance of the Industrial Relations

  1. Increase in productivity - So, with the amicable industrial relations both the managers and the workers eventually continued in order to work for their respective services and further contribute towards the main and the overall of the productivity of the firm in particular and it further make sure about the continuity of the production in the best way possible.
  • Uninterrupted production - One of the most significant benefits of the industrial relations is about to ensure the basic continuity about the production and this further means that the continuous employment will be there from different managers to the workers in specific.
  • The resources might be utilized further and will result in maximum There will be the uninterrupted flow of income at the same time with the smooth running of an industry which is again considered to be quite important for other industries.
  1. Reduction in industrial Disputes - So, as effective Industrial relations might assist in the major decrease of the industrial disputes because both the management and the workers eventually maintain the harmonious relations with each other in specific and at the same time work towards the achievement of the production objective in specific.
  • Although good industrial relations might help in reduction of the disputes as they are considered to be the major reflections of the failure of basic human urges to further protect the adequate need.
  • It is further cured by the great industrial relations and other strikes or lockouts in specific because they don’t usually spring up in the air of the industrial peace. It helps in the promotion of the co-operation and increase in production.
  1. Increased morale - one of the peaceful industrial relation further boosts up the main morale level of the employee because they feel as it interests them and furthers their efforts might result in the overall profitability of the business.
  • Hence, industrial relations further help in the improvement of the morale of the employees and they initially work with the good zeal by keeping a good dealing of interest in the mind of the employers.
  • The employer must basically learn about the gains of the industry because one should be shared equally and also generous with their workers.
  • There is basically a unity is maintained and the action is considered to be one of the main achievement of the industrial peace because it increases the main place of workers in the entire community that might further be co-operative and can produce great results too.
  1. Minimization of the waste - Although, a good IR basically make sure about the waste that is being reduced as the sources involving the man, machinery and material because it is full being utilized and was effectively contributing towards the overall productivity of the business.
  • It is the role of the IR to make sure further that higher production at the less cost and at the .same time increased profits.
  • It basically covers the entire system and procedures to further secure the basic interest of the workmen and the employers at the same time to further regulate the main behavior of the employer.
  • However, good industrial relations are basically maintained on the basis of the cooperation and the basic recognition of each other.
  • It might further assist in increasing the production because the waste of man material and machines eventually lead to a reduction in the national interest that feels secure.
  1. Mental revolution - One of the main objectives of the IR is about the finished mental revolution of the workers and the employees in specific. The industrial usually peace the lies in the transformation outlook because it is about the business of leadership.
  • Both of them should think of themselves as their partners of the industry because of the role of the workers in the partnership that should be categorized.
  • Workers must at the same time recognize the employers' authority because then it might have a major impact on the production as they will be able to recognize the major interest of each other.

It is quite evident about the good industrial relations that are basically on the basis of the higher production that too with the minimum cost and also the higher profits in general. Different projects might come up for the basic welfare of the workers and to further promote the basic morale of the people at the work.

  • An economy basically organized for the planned production and also the main distribution further aiming at the main realization of the social justice and the main welfare of the message that might function essentially in the atmosphere of the industrial peace.
  • If the objectives are quite rapid with the increase in social justice are yet to be accomplished as there are a harmonious relationship between the management and labor.

What do you think is the role of industrial relations?

In order to have good industrial relations, it is important to become the backbone of the modern industrial community. Without any kind of structure or the outline, the modern industrial relations might crumble.

  • IR is all about maintaining a good relationship because the divisions are required to work all together as effectively as possible to further maximize the economic gain and the main potential for industrial
  • IR basically creates the main interactions between the employers and employees and many more. Although it is classified quite broadly between the HR management and union management as well.

Scope of IR

  1. it shows the basic relationship between the labor union and the management
  2. Settle the employer and employees relations and also shows the relations between the management and employees
  3. the main role of numerous parties that maintain the industrial relations
  4. The main mechanism of controlling the major conflicts in between the employers and employees if by chance any case conflict arises.

Aspects of the Industrial relations

  1. Development and growth of industrial democracy
  2. promotion and development of healthy labor management relations
  3. Maintenance of the industrial peace and preventing the industrial strife

Objectives of IR

One of the primary objectives of the industrial relations is to further maintain and also build up the good yet healthy relations between the employees and the employers because it is divided into the following:-

  1. Developing and fostering the relationship between the workers and management by securing their interests
  2. preventing industrial conflicts and different strikes by establishing mutuality among the interests of other concerned parties
  3. enhancing the economic status of the workers
  4. Offering the main opportunity for the workers to further take part in the management and also decision-making process
  5. Raise productivity in the organization to further curb the employee turnover
  6. Prevent the not so compulsory interference of the government because it basically handles the relationship between the workers and the management
  7. Developing and nursing the industrial democracy entirely based on the labor partnership by currently sharing all of the profits of the managerial decisions
  8. Socializing the industrial activity by including the government participation of the employer

However, the Industrial relations in a country usually is influenced to a large extent by the main form of the political government. There are other different objectives of the industrial relations that are being involved and is the main reason that will bring change in the political government.

  1. Improvising the economic conditions of the workers
  2. Socializing and rationalizing the industries by making the state
  3. state control over the industrial undertaking with the basic view to further regulate the main production and promotion of the harmonious industrial relations

Vesting out the proprietary interest of the workers in the industries in which they are currently working.