Human Resource Management – An Introduction

“...while extraordinary products and unique services still afford a competitive advantage, the one advantage that stands the test of people. ― Mark Salsbury

Human Resource Management is a comprehensive program of business administration. Human Resource Management is a process concerned with the proper management of people employed in the business, focusing on their development and formation of policies.

Any business’s success solely depends upon the quality of people it hires. The better the employees, the better the results will be. The human resource management is often associated with the hiring process only. But in a real sense Human Resource Management is wide program which not only covers hiring process but also the training of employees, their development, performance management, compensation and handling the legal issues.

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Hiring a wrong employee is pushing the company into danger zone. The wrong employee will do no good to the business and will just be a cost to the business. Such employees are known as Fifth Wheel Employees.

“Fifth wheel employees are those who are a result of the mistake made by the human resources wing, i.e. by recruiting wrong person to the wrong job just to fill in the vacancy and then expect better performance. Further such an employee is unable to put in his best and is just an additional mass available within the organization. ― Henrietta Newton Martin

This shows how important the efficiency of Human Resource Management is. The Core functions of HRM are:

1. Staffing: Staffing is the process of hiring, positioning and evaluating the performance of the employees in the firm. Staffing basically means placing the right man at the right position for the right job. Thus it is a crucial decision for the business because it is the employees who actually execute the business functions. If they will be efficient in their working, better results can be produced.

2. Human resource development: Human Resource Management is a broader project. It not only focuses on hiring of employees but also at developing their intellectual level and training them for better results. This relates with the needs of the employee which will help him improve his working.

3. Compensation and benefits: Compensation and Benefits mean rewarding the employees for the work done by them. Every employee is paid a certain amount of money as the salary or wages. Apart from them they are paid with timely bonuses and rewards. Many of the companies these days provide the employees with benefits like gym facilities, meals and joining of other social clubs. This helps in boosting the morale of employees and encourage them to work better at work.

4. Safety and health: HRM focuses on maintaining the health of the employee. His good health will ensure his proper presence at work. Thus HRM ensures that the employees are physically fit and they have proper facilities. The companies provide the employees with proper gym facilities, reimburse employees for medical reimbursement, get the insurance done of the employees etc. This motivates the employee to come to work.

5. Employee and labor relations: The HRM acts as a link between the Top Authority and the Employees or labor. They communicate the orders and instructions given by the management to the employees and at the same time they communicate the grievances, problems and complaints of lower level to the top level. This helps in maintaining better relations in the organization.

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HRM an introduction

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Activities of Human Resource Management:

The Human Resource Management System is a very sensitive process. It works in the following manner:

1. Identification of vacancy: The vacancies are ascertained by the business first. The job type is identified whether the jobs are on a full time basis or part time or if the employee is to be hired on a permanent basis or temporary basis.

2. Determination of manpower requirement: This mean the number of employees that are needed for filling the vacancies at the job. The manpower requirement is needed to be ascertained to avoid any overstaffing or understaffing. Both of the conditions render the staffing process failed.

3. Recruitment & Selection: This means taking the interviews of the people who applied for the job and then selecting the suitable person for the job. This is the most important part of the business where the most important resource of the business i.e. human resource is selected.

4. Training and Development: After hiring of the employees they need to be trained and their skills need to be developed to meet the requirement of the job. The training and development helps in increasing the productivity of the employees. This is a bonus point for the business. The better quality the employee would produce the better reputation the business will gain.

5. Evaluation and Compensation: The HRM Department evaluates the work done by the employee and ascertain his capability and productivity. Compensation means paying of the salary or the wages to the employee. It is the reward for what the employee has done in the business. They are compensated on the quality of the work they do.

6. Reporting of Grievances: HRM Department also handles the queries and grievances of the employees. They report these complaints to the top level and try to find a solution for this and mitigate the problem.

Apart from these basic activities other activities of HRM include activities like ensuring high results from the employees, improving relations with the Trade Unions and top level, supervise the work, deal with performance issues etc.

Importance of Human Resource Management in the business:

1. Evolving business: The businesses are evolving very fast these days. For the proper implementation of these evolutions there need to be a proper human resource present who can accept this evolution and adapt itself accordingly. This is possible only through the proper human resource management as they can hire proper employees or train the existing employees to become flexible to the changes.

2. Strategic Management: The Management no longer need to affix the rules and strategies for the personnel and their goals for the achievement of the goals of the organization. The human resource management takes proper care of this and it motivates the business to focus on the business goals by merging the business goals with the personal goals.

3. Achievement of goals: The HRM must not be viewed with a micro approach as a means of getting the job done. HRM is a wide process which helps in the achievement of goals as well as going beyond the boundaries and creating opportunity for the business.

“Human resources are like natural resources; they're often buried deep. You have to go looking for them, they're not just lying around on the surface. You have to create the circumstances where they show themselves.” ― Ken Robinson

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