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Manual Reports:

New Zealand Adventure Tours currently do not have a computerized data entry system therefore all their customer records are recorded manually.

Heavy Reliance On Accountant:

New Zealand Adventure Tours are unable to establish or analyze cost across operations; therefore they have no idea about the business statues until their accountant prepares their annual tax returns. This is a major trigger as the company needs to know their current statues and where their heading.

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Unanticipated Cost:

As a result of their manual system and heavy reliance on Accountant New Zealand Adventure Tours are not able to anticipate their total cost which results in the trip being over budgeted, this causes a loss in the business and difficulties in pre planning trips.

Unsatisfied Customers:

Due to inferior accommodation, poor transportation delays in itinerates and repeated or over booking the company has encountered several customer complaints. This has resulted in loss in profit.

2 Job Analysis:

Job Analysis – General Manger

What does job entail?

Why does the job need to be done?

How does the job need to be done?

How well does the job need to be done?

To review financial statements, activity reports and other performance data.

In order to run whole of the trip smoothly and efficiently.

Manager needs to plan all tours beforehand. And analyze cost of trips.

This job requires multitasking and proven judgment.

Oversees all aspects of operations within the company.

In order to ensure that staff abide by company policies-rules and regulations

General Manager needs to ensure that all staff are well trained and needs to oversee all training procedures.

Once training is complete theoretical and practical exams need to be taken by staff to ensure that all training standards are met.

To describe short and long term plans.

In order to ensure that company survives and achieves its goals.

This job is done by achieving standards of work and providing leadership to whole of the staff.

This task involves problem solving and decision making skills.

To establish and implement departmental policies and determine that operations and services apply with company policies.

In order to ensure company procedures are legal and safe.

This job needs to be done in a proper manner as it appropriately supports business and economic development.

All the staff must stick to company's policies and procedures and they must obey company's rules.

Job Analysis - Assistant Manager

What does job entail?

Why does the job need to be done?

How does the job need to be done?

How well does the job need to be done?

To assist and provides secretarial support to general manager.

In order to divide the workload of general manager and to keep track of operational activities.

By providing the summary of tasks and report to general manager about happening at operational and transactional level.

This job needs to done responsibly by helping general manager in identifying sensitive issues, implementation policies and helping in financial planning..

To consider OSH and legal issues and accurately record all accidents and potential hazards.

So that company can meet its legal reporting obligations to the government.

By creating awareness about Heath and safety issues among staff.

To manage staff preparing work schedules and assigning specific duties.

In order for staff to be aware of their roles and duties and for them to complete their objectives.

Staff rosters and registers need to be updated and discussed with assistant manager and created by the PA

Job needs to be allocated accurately amongst staff to maintain a smooth flow between departments and for resolving interdepartmental conflicts.

To interact with customers, having different meetings.

In order to keep the existing clients satisfied and to get new clients.

By Preparing newsletters and sends them to all clients and translates into different languages according to client requirements

Job Analysis - Personal assistant manager
What does job entail?

Why does the job need

How does the job need to be done?

How well does the job need to be done?

Contribute to core activities and share in general duties, provides secretarial support including answering phones and dealing with enquires as necessary.

In order to share the work loads with the assistant general manager.

Personal assistant need to have knowledge of administrative policies and procedures. Need to have an understanding of the purpose, background and policies for the organisations they are working for.

Personal Assistant needs to have a sound knowledge of administrative policies to ensure that all information given out to the other staff or customers are relevant and up to date.

Ensure that efficient filing and record keeping systems are established and maintained.

In order to keep a record of business transactions and make easier the job for Managers to create reports, financial statements and other performance data.

Need to be computer literate, ability to create spread sheets and data entry. Needs to manage filing systems and this information need to be available to managers all the time.

Data needs to be accurate and to date. This will help Managers produce monthly reports and statements with ease, compare figures and other reports in the past.

Monitor core expenditure on supplies and services and ensures that all requirements are provided cost effectively and in line with office policy.

In order to ensure that office supplies are up to date and available to staff.

Staffs need to keep a record of office supplies which they have and need. This records need to be given to the Personal Assistant on a frequent basis.

Office supplies need to be ordered on a regular basis to ensure that office supplies are up to date. This helps staff with their daily duties.

Ensure that office premises, furniture and equipment are properly managed and maintained.

In order to maintain a safe and healthy work environment for the staff and public.

Personal Assistant needs to have the ability to use, manage and maintain office equipment, furniture and office premises.

Office premises, furniture and equipment need to stay in a good and usable condition to ensure that the company has a good reputation and gets good feed back.

Job Analysis - Guides

What does job entail?

Why does the job need to be done?

How does the job need to be done?

How well does the job need to be done?

To describe points of interests and help people on sightseeing and make tour more enjoyable.

In order to make tours more valuable and knowledgeable.

By keeping accurate and relevant knowledge of the particular place

This job is essential part as it establish and maintain good relationships with customers

To give feedback on trips to upper managements.

In order to keep existing customers and improve customer service.

By providing reports on the condition of all the facilities and services of tour.

This job is quite beneficial as the suggestions of customers are important for satisfactory service of organization.

3. Trainee Analysis

Special Characteristics :

  • Highly qualified in mountaineering and outdoor activities.
  • Ambitious, focused and loves to try new things.
  • Responsible, experienced and entusiastic.
  • Proven judge and good decision maker.
  • Follow appropriate strategies to expand business.

Knowledge/Skills related to job:

  • Computer literate but uses computer only for personal tasks.
  • Good at coordonating and managing tasks.
  • Vast knowledge of adventure activities.
  • Aware of competitors.
  • Understands the need for having a strategic focus.
  • Knowledg e of quality control systems.

Special Characteristics:

  • Well qualified, Active, Careful and passionate.
  • Enthusiastic and love outdoors.
  • Likes to remain busy and believes that time is money.
  • A good leader and communicator.
  • Good at solving problems at operational level.

Knowledge/Skills related to job:

  • Computer literate and experienced with computers.
  • Has a degree in languages so can communicate with overseas clients in several languages.
  • Very conscious about legal issues of business and other health and safety issues.
  • Good at accounts, marketing, promoting specials and newsletters.

Special Characteristics:

  • Very supportive, reliable and down to earth.
  • Very dedicated and job-oriented.

Knowledge/Skills related to job:

  • Computer literate and has an previous experience with computerized systems.
  • Familiar with accounts.
  • Good at customer dealing.

Knowledge/Skills related to job:

  • Good customer dealing and interaction.
  • Bonnie and Clyde are not much familiar with computers.
  • Anthony and Cleopatra have experience with computers in previous job so can write reports and keep budgets.
  • All have no idea how to use internet.

4. Learner Need Analysis

Existing Skills: some basic knowledge of computer as uses computer for personal tasks.

Required Skills : needs to be trained in business specific way to fulfill the requirements of organization and keep existing customers satisfied and needs to learn Ms Word, MS excel and MS access. also requires some knowledge of MYOB, as heavily relies on his accountant for annual tax return to plan further trips.

Existing Skills : As prepares newsletters for promotions so a good knowledge of MS word.


  • Starting Windows Xp
  • Opening and closing the windows
  • Switching between different applications in Xp
  • Ms Word
  • Opening and closing a document
  • Saving editing and printing a document
  • Changing Fonts, Views Paragraph, bullets and numbering


  • Basic internet knowledge
  • Open web pages
  • Use Ms Outlook
  • How to use email
  • Yahoo messenger

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