Human Resource Management – Steps In Selection Process

Steps In Selection Process

Selection is not just a question of interviewing, although this remains the most popular device in use. Selection is very much a process of deselecting, that is, gradually eliminating candidates until finally one is left on the list for a vacancy. (Sometimes there is nobody left on the list and the process has to be started again.) No one has yet identified any one single watertight process of selecting a candidate that is totally infallible. Some methods are more reliable than others but, to a large extent, selection is about trying to minimize risk and maximizing the certainty of making the right decision.

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Starting from the position where the recruitment process has produced a number of applicants, the important steps in selection are as follows:

  • short-listing the candidates for the next stage;
  • setting up tests for the short-listed candidates, sometimes in the form of an assessment centre (although tests do not take place on every occasion);
  • interviewing the candidates (and giving them feedback on the tests) and allowing the candidates to interview the selectors;
  • choosing the successful candidate;
  • obtaining references (although this is sometimes carried out before interview);
  • offering the position, confirming in writing and gaining acceptance;
  • organizing the induction process;
  • Evaluating the result.

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