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Recruitment Advertising

A cluster example of many advertisements were used and prescribed items at varying levels of importance, such as location, salary, qualifications, job description and personal qualities, were identified. In terms of stimulating action, there are a number of methods by which applications can be made, which will depend on the nature of the vacancy, the number of expected applications and the technology available. Options include:

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  • The applicant calls a dedicated number/person for a job pack including an application form.
  • The applicant is invited to an open day interview event.
  • The applicant responds by sending a curriculum vitae (CV) and covering letter by post or e-mail.
  • The applicant is invited to call a specified person for an informal discussion.
  • The applicant calls a dedicated number for a short-listing telephone interview.

There are evenly balanced arguments for asking applicants to complete an application form or to send in their CVs. Applicants would generally prefer to simply send in their CVs with a covering letter, believing that all the relevant information is included. They may select organizations that make an application easier rather than one that insists on the laborious process of completing a four page application form.

Human Resource Management is concerned with placing the right man at the right job. This involves Recruitment, Selection and Training. But the basis for all this is attracting the applicants. These applicants are attracted using Recruitment Advertising.

Recruitment Advertising means all sorts of communications that are used to attract the talent to work for the organization. Thus it is an important process because its efficiency will affect the efficiency of all other following functions.

Recruitment advertising is a necessary element for the business so as to recruit a competitive and potential employee on the job. The main aim of the recruitment process is to reach out the masses to apply for the job and give the selectors a wide variety of talent from where they can select the most appropriate employee who best suits the requirements.

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recruitment advertising

Following are the ways in which recruitment is carried out:

  1. Media Advertising: The companies use Media Advertising the most for advertising recruitment process. The media helps the company to reach out the masses easily and covers a large area very easily. The company gives its ads on Televisions, Radios and newspapers. The newspapers come with a dedicated slot for the vacancy reporting. The rates for media advertising are high too.
  2. Recruitment Agencies: There are several recruitment agencies which have expertise in the area of Human Resource Management. The companies outsource their complete recruitment and selection process to such companies so that only competitive employee can be placed at the job.
  3. Factory Gates: This type of advertising is used generally for the recruitment of unskilled labor. These kinds of factories hire people on the temporary daily basis. A simple notice is applied to the factory gate about the requirement. The people who wish to join can go and talk to the supervisor directly for the job.
  4. Government Agencies: There are several government agencies too which maintain the logs of different kind of people who are looking for jobs. They have the resumes of such people with them and whenever they find an appropriate job for them, they are intimated about the same. So the companies can contact such agencies to fill up the vacancies.
  5. Internet Portal: Companies post the advertisements on the internet portals. It is the largest media for filling up the jobs. There are several internet websites who post the jobs on the internet so that people can apply as per their specification and interest.
  6. Campus Interviews: In campus interviews, the employees are directly hired from the colleges to fill up the vacancies. This is the most efficient way of recruitment as the employer gets a variety of talent and skills.
  7. Press Statements: The companies can issue press statements in the media or News about their recruitment process and motivate people to apply for the job. This is the cheapest means of advertising on a large basis.
  8. Notice Boards: The notice boards are used for advertising the internal recruitment process. The job vacancies that are to be filled from internal recruitment are posted on the notice board in communal areas from where employees can see it and apply for the job.
  9. Company Portal: Company posts such vacancies on its own websites also to intimate the internal employees about the recruitment process.
  10. Walk-in-interviews: Walk-in-interviews are conducted by the companies where anyone can apply for the job as per their qualification. The job interviews are open to everyone. They can apply if their qualification meets the certain requirements.

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