Human Resource Management – Choosing The Successful Candidates

Choosing The Successful Candidates

The final decision on selecting the preferred candidate should follow the same process that applies to short-listing. Only the candidates who match the ‘essential’ aspects of the person specification should be considered. It is a poor decision to select ‘the best on the day’ when this person only reaches half of the necessary criteria. It is far better to start the process again than take a serious risk in a potentially hazardous investment. If there is more than one candidate who meets all the criteria, then the final decision can be made by a number of ways.

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Generally, the decision is given to the line manager who will have to motivate, develop and manage the person concerned. Much is talked about the necessary ‘personal chemistry’ that needs to exist between the line manager and the successful applicant but one must be wary of the potential discrimination aspects. The manager should justify the decision in terms of as much objective criteria as possible.

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