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Cable And Wireless Recruit On Internet

Cable and Wireless, the communications giant, began advertising its vacancies online with the independent recruitment site. A spokesman believed that online recruiting is ideal for positions in IT and finance although he was less certain on other professions, such as HRs and legal positions. Telephone screening is another new development. Here, an applicant calls a free phone number, day or night and keys in their unique personal identification number, which automatically sets up a file for them on the company's HR system. During the interview, typically lasting 15 minutes, the candidate answers multiple-choice questions using their telephone keypad. The computer scores and weights their answers and automatically sends them an application form or schedules a face to face interview if they are successful. The system then sends the HR manager an interview schedule.

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Not all professionals are whole-heartedly behind these new recruitment techniques, believing that ethical and practical issues remain unanswered. These include:

  • Online applications make unreasonable demands on the time of the applicants, especially graduates who will need to make multiple applications to get their first job. Often the candidate only hears that the position has been filled when the extended form has been completed.
  • The applicants may not always want to be judged quite so quickly and mechanically. Unless they have bought-in to the computer processes (and IT staff probably have) they may prefer to apply to organizations with a more human face.
  • Online psychometric tests that are part of the application process, are used to screen out 90% of the candidates, which ‘smacks of organizational expediency’
  • Organizations are aware that some candidates get friends to complete the form for them or try under several names for practice
  • The judgments may enter into the realms of discrimination, in terms of age particularly, and will encourage a form of stereotyping when the specification cannot be over-ridden, as it can if handled by humans.
  • Applicants may not be prepared for telephone interviews with instant forced choice judgments to be made which cannot be reversed, unlike in an interview situation where, if a question is not understood, it can be repeated or explained in another way.

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