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It is always difficult to predict exactly how many (if any) the new organization will have to hire in a given year in a given job category. The role of HR recruitment is to build a supply of potential new hires that the organization can draw on as the need arises. Employers are becoming increasingly creative in their efforts to identify and attract both active and passive job seekers. Passive job seekers are not actively seeking a job, and are often the target of an organization's recruitments efforts because they represent a significant source of top talent. In HRM, recruitment consists of in any practice or activity carried on by the organization with the primary purpose of identifying and attracting potential employees. Thus it creates a connection between planning and the actual selection of new employees.

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Recruiting Human Resources

What is Recruitment Process?

Recruitment refers to the process of attracting, shortlisting, selecting and appointing right person for the right jobs for an organization. Human resource professionals carry out the recruitment process. There are some various recruitment agencies or special consultancy which help in the recruitment process. With the development of technology, the internet has also increased mediums to enhance recruitment sources.

In other words; recruitment is a process of finding and hiring the best and most qualified candidate for a job opening, in a timely and cost-effective manner. It also can be outlined because the “process of looking for prospective staff associate degreed stimulating and inspiring them to use for jobs in an organization”. It is a whole process that begins with the identification of the needs of the company with respect to the job and ends with the introduction of the employee to the organization. The main reason why the achievement method is enforced is to search out the persons United Nations agency area unit best qualified for the positions among the corporate, and who will help them towards attaining organizational goals. But there area unit alternative reasons why an achievement method is very important.

The 7 steps concerned in recruitment method are as follows:

  1. Planning

The first step concerned with the recruitment method is planning. Here, planning involves drafting a comprehensive job specification for the vacant position that defines its major and minor responsibilities; the talents, expertise, and qualifications needed; grade and level of pay; then beginning date or any other details connected to the work that is required to be stuffed”

  1. Strategy Development

Once it's noted what percentage and with what qualifications of candidates are needed, then the future step is concerned with planning an acceptable strategy for recruiting the candidates for the organization. The main point of focus is that the required candidates are hired within office through promotion or transfer or hire it from outside, what type of recruitment method to be used, what geographical region be thought-about for looking out the candidates, which source of recruitment to be practiced, and what sequence of activities to be followed in recruiting candidates in the organisation.

  1. Searching

This step involves attracting job seekers to the organization. There are varied sources to attract candidates. This can be the stage wherever the organization can let it's noted to everybody that there's an open position, which they're trying to find somebody to fill it up. Before advertising, however, the organization should first attract wherever to seem for potential candidates. They must acquire the sources wherever the persons that may probably fill the work are progressing to be on the market for recruitment. That way, they're going to attract wherever to direct their advertising efforts.

  1. Preliminary screening

It is typically the case, particularly used in massive organizations, wherever one open position can receive lots of applications from candidates. In a perfect world, it'd be smart for the hiring managers to be able to interview every and every single one amongst them. However, that's additionally impractical and extremely tedious. Not extremely sensible, particularly if the organization is in looking to fill up a position within the earliest attainable time. Thus, there's a necessity to shorten the list of candidates, which is finished through a preliminary screening. Usually, this can be conducted by browsing the submitted resumes and selecting solely people who are able to meet the minimum qualifications. It's attainable that this is able to shorten the list of candidates. It as an integral a part of recruitment. The rationale being the choice method starts solely once the applications are screened and shortlisted. Let it's exemplified with an example. within the Universities, applications are invited for filling the post of Professors. Applications received in response to invite, i.e., advertising is screened and shortlisted on the idea of eligibility and quality. Then, solely the screened candidates are invited for seminar presentation and private interview. The choice method starts from here, i.e., seminar presentation or interview. Job specification is used in screening. Applications are screened against the qualification, knowledge, skills, abilities, interest, and knowledge mentioned within the job specification. Those that don't qualify are straightway eliminated from the choice method. The techniques used for screening candidates vary looking on the supply of offer and methodology used for recruiting. Preliminary applications, de-selection tests, and screening interviews area unit common techniques used for screening the candidates.

  1. Initial interview

The candidates who were able to pass the preliminary screening can currently bear the initial interview. In most cases, the initial interview is finished through the phone. Typically, a basic interview, this could involve the candidates being asked inquiries to evaluate or assess their basic skills and varied personal characteristics that are relevant to the open position. Sometimes looking on the number of candidates for the work, and also the preference of the hiring managers and senior management, a series of interviews could also be conducted, step by step narrowing down the list of candidates. This could persist till the corporate has finally come back up with a range of candidates that may have a final interview. Often, the ultimate interview needs a face-to-face meeting between the candidate and also the hiring managers, further as alternate members of the organization. Top management could even be concerned throughout the ultimate interview, looking at the work or position that may be stuffed up.

  1. Selection

In this stage, the hiring managers, human resources representatives, and alternate members of the organization who participated within the method meet along to finally build a variety among the candidates who underwent the ultimate interview. It's currently time for the organization to supply the work to the chosen person.

  • Making the offer:

To form things additional formal, a representative of the corporation or of the human resources department can contact the candidate and inform him that he has been selected for the work. During this stage, complete details of the compensation package will be created noted to the person.

  • Acceptance provided by the person:

The applicant ought to additionally communicate his acceptance of the provisions for it to be final. observe that, if the chosen person doesn't settle for the work provide and declines it, the recruitment method can need to begin everywhere once more.

  1. Induction of the new employee

The moment that the individual accepted the duty supply, he has formally gone from being Associate in Nursing individual to Associate in Nursing worker of the organization. The induction process will now begin. Usually, the start of the induction method is marked by the sign language of the utilization contract, in conjunction with a welcome package given to the new worker. The date for the first day that the employee will have to report for work and start working in the company will be determined and communicated to the newly hired employee. However, it doesn’t end there. The employee can still get to bear pre-employment screening, which often includes background and reference checks. When of these pre-employment data are verified, the worker can currently be introduced to the organization

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