Human Resource Management - Attracting The Applicants

Human Resource Management- Attracting Applicants

Human Resource Management is largely concerned with recruiting the employees in the company. Thus this recruitment process starts only when the candidates apply for the job. Thus it is necessary that the recruitment advertising should be formed in such a manner that the applicants get attracted towards the job. The applicants so interested should be the ones with the potential skills that the company is looking for.

Thus attracting the applicants is a major concern for the business. If that is done right, the following processes can be managed easily and without any risks. Thus the way the applicants are invited needs to be effective and engaging.

While formulating a policy for attracting the applicants, it should be checked if it is effective or not. Following points are considered while discussing the concept of attracting applicants:

  1. The company should show that it follows business principles and fair practices: The Company should create a strong image in the corporate world that it adheres to all the business principles and fair practices. It should create a reputation in the corporate world that it is a company of principles and fair practices and it follows law and regulations. This will place the fact in the minds of the applicants that it is a strong company and they will have a job security if they get the job.
  2. Company should adhere to ethical policies: The Company should be ethical in its approach. It should be fair in its practices and maintain good corporate environment where it values and respects the employee’s needs. Such a company attracts more employees just because it provides an employee friendly environment and employees adjust easily into the environment.
  3. Engaging in social activities: The Company must indulge in the social activities to make a good image in the society. The better the image, the more attractive it is for the applicants to apply for the job. The good social image of the company is a good factor for attracting the applicant to apply for the job.
  4. Make a good and attractive advertisement: How the advertisement is made and how it is able to capture the employee’s attention is very crucial. It is the advertisement that plays the major role. An attractive advertisement should contain all the elements related to the job and it should be understandable. It should clearly state the qualification requirements the company is looking for, salary package, duration of the job, number of openings etc.
  5. Make it easy for the applicant to apply for the job: Once the applicant gets to know about the job opening, it should be a simplified process for him to apply for the job. The application process must not be complex. It should be in accordance to the industry practices. The applicant must be able to communicate his interest for the job directly.
  6. Make the whole process online: Wherever possible the application process should be a simplified one and it should be online. The applicants can easily check for the vacancies and apply for it online. Whosoever is selected after the screening process can be intimated directly through internet. This is a simplified and fast approach.

Thus all the above stated factors should be considered to attract the applicants for the job. The easier and attractive the process will be, the more will be the choice to the employer for hiring employees.

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