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Electrical and electronics engineering is one of the most important branches of engineering that plays a vital role in the perfect functioning of a human life for the day to day work that a person has done. It can range from one of the simplest tasks that are switching on a light or a fan to some of the most complex things that the humans have engineered till dates like the driverless car or a space shuttle that lands back to the position of its launch. There is no boundary of what a person can do with the degree of an electrical and electronics engineering because the field of application for this branch is so wide. The reason the area of work is so wide and open to various fields is that the branch electrical and electronics are made up of two of the most basic branches in the field of engineering that date back to the time when engineering itself was new. Most of the time the students are confused between all these three branches that is the electrical engineering branch, the electronics engineering and the third one being the mixture of both, i.e the electrical and electronics engineering because the students are not aware of the Assignments that one has to go in each individual Assignment, the career options one can have if chosen the branch carefully and the various other factors that determine the interests of the person choosing the branch. If you are one of those students who is confused about the selection for this Assignment, be it a bachelor’s degree in the area or the master’s degree, this post might be a solution to this problem for you because we are going to discuss some of the major points that might make you want to choose the electrical and electronics branch rather than the individual branches that make this same. The points we will be discussing the same are the subjects in the Assignments, some of the top colleges in the same also the career options one gets to explore in the branch of electrical and electronics engineering. To begin the article with, here is a small difference between the electrical and electronics engineering in brief.

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Electrical V/S electronics engineering: electrical engineering is majorly comprised of components that consume large power. Anything that is above the rated voltage of 10 volts is said to come under the field of electrical engineering. This might include components like huge and bulky transformers, relays, switches, motors, generators and many, many other components. On the other hand, anything that comes with the rated voltage of 5 volts is said to be on the side of electronics engineering. The reason is that the components used in this field are very small and are usually made upon junction diodes. Some of the components used in the electronics field are thyristors, diodes, rectifiers and many more. The fact that a third and the most advanced branch had to made out of the both is due to the fact that when there found a need to combine the applications of electrical and electronics engineering which led to the birth of the branch electrical and electronics engineering. The fact that electrical is coming first in the name is because the electronics are used in the electrical components. One of the best examples of the same is the audio components and the toys one gets in some of the luxury cars. It is said to one of the most difficult Assignments in the engineering degree Assignments because it has all the difficult and complex subjects of both electrical and electronics engineering fields. The Assignment also focuses largely on practical subjects as compared to other branches where theory subjects are given more importance.

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Career options: once a student has graduated from the Assignment of electrical and electronics engineering be it the bachelor’s or master’s degree, it opens wide doors in the career options one can choose from. An electrical and electronics engineer is the most demanded one in the industry because they have practical experience in both electrical and electronics subjects which makes them an ideal engineer in the industry. Most of the engineers from this trade end up as project managers because they have the capacity to handle both electrical and electronics engineering staff and hence it makes them the ideal candidate. Some of the most sought-after roles in the industry are as follows:

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  1. Fabricator: a fabricator is said to be the person who works in the field of very large scale integration or in short known as VLSI engineer. The role of this person is to implant nanometre-sized chips and integrated circuits on a board. They are known for creating various microcontrollers and processors. Some of the major organizations that hire people from this area are Intel, Texas Instruments and many more. The reason why electrical and electronics engineers are more in demand in this sector is that they have a better knowledge of the circuits and flow of currents as compared to the electronics engineers alone which make them a better option for this kind of work.
  2. Self-driving car engineer: with the technology modernizing at a very fast pace, self-driving cars are not a concept in sci-fi anymore and are soon going to be very much realistic. This requires engineers who have a better understanding of electrical and electronic components that are being used in the car and hence are preferred more than the other candidates in the sector.
  3. Image processing engineers: this is job option where the electronics engineers are given more preference because it involves more of writing and organizing codes but an electrical and electronics engineer might have a chance in this field as well because image processing is a field where very fewer people get their hands dirty.
  4. Transmission and distribution: This covers up the area of transmitting and distributing of the electrical energy from the generating station to the various distributing stations across the area and is said to be a complex job because there are so many parameters in the same which have to be taken care of. A person who is having extensive practical experience is 0nly able to handle this kind of work. This results in people usually not applying for such jobs which makes the seats empty for the electrical and electronics engineering candidates.
  5. Controls engineer: as we are aware that any manufacturing process in a unit can be increased in terms of either production and efficiency. These factors are usually controlled by some of the engineers and decide what they want from a production unit. Most of the time, electrical and electronics engineers are preferred for the same because they have many Assignments related to control systems and their stability in their Assignments in masters as well as the bachelor’s Assignments of engineering. There are many, many more options available for an electrical and electronics engineering candidate which cannot be expressed all at once. We made sure that we don't miss some of the most important roles.

Further discussing the branch, let's look towards some of the subjects taught in the engineering trade of electrical and electronics engineering:

  1. Digital electronics: this is a subject that revolves around how a person can effectively communicate with a machine because as we all are aware that a machine works in low-level language and humans interact in high-level These type of things are taught in the subject like multiplexers, converters, and conversion from digital to hexadecimal forms. Another important topic that this subject covers is that of the flip-flops which end up being a crucial topic in the further years of study and comes in even more advanced form when one studies about the applications of both jk and d flip-flop.
  2. Circuit theory: this is a subject in which the students are given a theoretical approach about the circuits, the various laws in the circuit world and how to deal with a practical problem which needs to be solved with these laws and methods. Some of the most important topics of the same are Kirchoff's voltage and current laws which will also be used in the later years of the study of the Assignment.
  3. Electronic devices and circuits: this is a subject which covers more of the electronics department of the electrical and electronics engineering and in this subject, the students are taught about the basic working of various electronic devices like the diodes, rectifiers, cutters and many more. In this subject, one needs to have a deep understanding of the various waveforms of all the devices being used.
  4. Analog electronics: this subject could be considered as the twin brother to the Digital electronics which was studies above. As we are aware that digital electronics revolves around the 0 and 1’s whereas the analog electronics is more about the analog devices which provide real-time values to the circuits. This is an important subject in the Assignment because this will teach the students about the fusion of various analog i.e the electrical devices with that of various electronic
  5. Transmission and distribution of electrical network: in the early years of the Assignment, the students are taught about the various devices that are going to be used in the later years of the studies and in the later years, the practical application of the same is done. The subject of transmission and distribution is kind of an application of all the subjects that are taught in the earlier years of the Assignment. This subject deals with the problems in the transmission of electrical power from the generating station to the end users in the most efficient way possible and also not putting any lives in danger.
  6. Power system analysis: since we are aware that an electrical system is a very complex thing to maintain and what is even more complex is to add another generating or transmission station to the already existing one in order to fulfill the demand for the ever-growing To overcome a problem of this scale a very proper planning has to be done so that the work did bring out maximum efficiency. This is done with the help of power system analyzing tools and is said to be one of the most important subjects for students who want to shift towards a more electrical core branch.
  7. Power system protection, material science, control system, industrial electronics, microprocessor and microcontroller are some of the other more important subjects that a student has to study while pursuing the Assignment of an electrical and electronics engineer. From all the information given above, one can make out what an industry might need and what all a student has to study over the Assignment of four years.

Conclusion: from all the information provided above, it can be clearly concluded that an electrical and electronics student has to go over all the hybrid subjects that a student of electrical and electronics branches have to study individually. From the Assignment details it can be seen that in the earlier years, one is taught about the various basic devices that are going to be used in the later years of the study as well that are used in the real world problem-solving. In the later years of the study, a mixture of both electrical and electronics practical real-world problems are solved hence this Assignment is said to be the most complex engineering Assignment in aerospace engineering.

Students find it very difficult to choose a college/ university for finding the most appropriate Assignment in the field of electrical and electronics engineering so to make things easy, here is a list of some of the top colleges that provide an engineering degree in the field of electrical and electronics engineering.

  1. MIT, USA
  2. Carnegie Mellon University, USA
  3. Indian Institute of Delhi, INDIA
  4. IISC Bangalore, INDIA
  5. Queensland University, Australia
  6. California Institute of Technology, Pasadena
  7. Arizona State University, USA

For precise application deadlines and admission requirements, you are requested to kindly visit the college website.

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