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This subject is a very broad subject of electrical engineering programs worldwide and the objective of this course is to represent methods and analysis with respect to operation and control of power system by three basic processes: Generation, transmission, and distribution. In Power system analysis we have to learn how to operate and control to power system and also learn how to energy transmission and distribution from thermal power plants, hydropower plants, nuclear power plants etc. We have to learn about Load flow analysis, System protection analysis, Stability analysis, Fault analysis and Economics operations. Economic dispatch is becoming more difficult with additional renewable resources due to uncertainty.

Transmission and distribution is very complex and extensive systems. In power system analysis we have different types of generating energy resources such as Fossils fuels, Hydroelectric, Nuclear, geothermal, Renewable (Photovoltaic, solar-thermal, Wind, Bio-gas).

The most important part of power system analysis is reliability of the system which is ensure by transient stability analysis : By equal area criteria, multi-machine stability and transient simulation analysis.

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