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Introduction to Soft Computing

Soft computing is a term applied to a field within computer science which is characterized by the use of inexact solutions to computationally-hard tasks such as the solution of NP-complete problems, for which an exact solution cannot be derived in polynomial time. Generally speaking, soft computing techniques resemble biological processes more closely than traditional techniques, which are largely based on formal logical systems, such as sentential logic and predicate logic, or rely heavily on computer-aided numerical analysis.

In this technique more than one methodologies are applied which gives accomplished the tolerance of deceptions and uncertainty to achieve tractability, heftiness, and affordable. Its works on the principle of FUZZY LOGIC, NEUROCOMPUTING, PROBABILISTIC REASONING. Soft computing increasingly participate an important role in many application areas such as software engineering.

Common application of Soft-Computing is: Handwriting recognition, Image processing and data compression, Automotive systems and manufacturing, Decision-support systems, Neurofuzzy systems, Fuzzy-logic control.

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