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Digital electronic circuits

Digital electronic circuits are the circuits which represent signals by discrete bands of analog level, rather than representing signals by a continuous range. Within a band all the levels represent same signal state. Very small changes to the analog signal levels because of the parasitic noise, manufacturing tolerance and signal attenuation do not leave the discrete envelope because of which they are ignored by the circuit sensing the signal state. Generally, there are two numbers of these states which are represented by two voltage bands, one near the ground or zero volts and other near the supply voltage. These two states correspond to the “false” (“0”) and “true” (1) values in the Boolean domain respectively. It is easier to get the electronic device to switch into one of the known states hence digital techniques are useful because generally it is very difficult to reproduce a continuous range of values. Digital electronic circuits are generally made from large collections of logic gates, simple electronic representations of Boolean logic functions.

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An Industrial digital controller

Fig (1): An Industrial Digital Controller

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