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In computer science, the imposture of identity by input data, like speech, images, touch sensor (finger impression) or a text stream, through the recognition and sketching of patterns give objects identity and their relationships. Pattern recognition having aim to make the operation of learning and detection of accurate patterns, like that it can be completely implemented on computers.

We can say that pattern is an individual, vaguely defined, which is gave us a name of persons such as : Fingerprint image, handwritten words, persons face, speech signals, DNA sequence examination etc. It is a study of how machines can work on : Environmental observations, How to analyze pattern and differentiate them, and then create the sounds and gave accurate result about patterns category.

Here some application of this techniques : using by automatic recognition, description, and types in a variety of engineering and scientific disciplines such as biology, psychology, medicine, marketing, computer vision, artificial intelligence, and remote sensing.

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