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This technology is the faster growing field in electrical engineering in these days, which made good results in many field, such as improved product quality which is more reliable and efficient than others. Nano-processing-technology products having range of 100nm. Nano-processing-technology is of many type such as Lithography and Non-lithography technology. In Silicon chips, ICs, and other electronics chips are made by using photolithography which is a type of lithography. Substances uses in photolithography is: oxides, photoresist, silicon substrates, hydro-fluoride or ammonium fluoride.

And the Non-lithography is mainly used in machining operations as for example thermal, electrothermal, mechanical, and electrochemical in which increasing energy efficiency and remove all impurities during operations. It is very helpfull in every fields such as engineering, research, and medical sciences making more efficient technology. It can provide remarkable understanding about materials and devices and is likely to impact many fields. Switching devices and functional units at nanoscale can upgrade and enhanced efficiency and it have million factors for operations. Completely new biological sensors facilitate early diagnostics and disease prevention in medical sciences. Nano-structured ceramics and metals have greatly refined and upgraded mechanical properties such as ductility and strength.

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