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Electromechanical devices are the devices which do electrical work by using moving parts. Like for example, a manually operated switch is electromechanical, but the term is generally understood to refer to devices such as relays (which allows voltage or current to control another, isolated currents and voltages by mechanically switching set of contacts), solenoids (by which a voltage can actuate a moving linkage) and vibrators (which converts DC to AC with vibrating sets of contacts) etc. Before the development of modern electronics, electromechanical devices were widely used in complicated systems like teletypes, electric typewriters, very early electromechanical digital computers and very early television systems. Electromechanics in engineering combines mechanical and electrical procedures and processes drawn from mechanical and electrical engineering. Here electrical engineering also means electronic engineering.

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A technology that covers electronic, electrical, chemical and mechanical systems is known as electromechanics and advanced forms of electromechanics covers a combination of electromagnetism and physics. This technology has risen because of the electromechanical nature of most equipment being used everywhere. Electromechanical systems are used in day to day life such as in transportation, massive power generation, home appliances and support services. Let us take an example of car maintenance. Car maintenance requires the knowledge of mechanical, chemical and electrical technologies. The starter system of a car requires a starter motor that is engaged by a starter solenoid into the flywheel of the engine for a brief moment. When the car starts, the starter motor is disengaged.Medical electromechanics is a specialized field which includes life support and diagnostic equipment. The knowledge of electronics, positioning system and mechanical actuators is required to handle and maintain most of the medical diagnostic equipment such as 2D and 3D imaging equipment. Computer knowledge is mainly used for corrective and preventive maintenance of the equipment.

One electromechanical system that functions as a balance is magnetic bearing. One practice that has been in use for the long time is the use of ball bearings to extend the life of rotating equipments. Magnetic bearing uses computers and electromagnets to suspend a shaft so that it can rotate freely as held by an alert magnetic field. The magnetic field is generated by electromagnets and permanent magnets. In the ideal case, the electrical power needed to support the rotating shaft is zero, which means that the permanent magnet does all the work until correction is required. The relationship between magnetic and electrical energy and fluids are studied in continuum electromechanics. Its aim is to create new solutions by using untapped potential of various forms of materials and energy. Huge development and research opportunities are available in tapping combinations of electric magnetic and chemical energies. The interaction between chemical systems, energy and particles is studies under electromechanics of particles. For instance, the total cleaning of oil spills is done by nature at its own pace. New possible solutions using the electromechanics of particles may help reverse the contamination to the environment.