Microprocessors and Interfacing Assignment Help

Introduction to the Microprocessors and Interfacing:

The microprocessor is the brain of all computers. It is a programmable, multipurpose device that accepts input as digital data and processes it according to instructions stored in its memory, and provides results as output.

Multiple microprocessors, working together, are the "hearts" of super-computers, datacenters, communications products and other digital devices. A set of latches and buffers are required to interface the microprocessoth other devices. The first microprocessor was introduced in 1971.

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Microprocessor based microcomputer system has the following components.

Microprocessors and Interfacing Assignment Help
  1. 8086 CPU
  2. ROM
  3. RAM
  4. Peripherals
  5. Control bus
  6. Address bus
  7. Data bus
  8. Clock generator
  9. Interrupt Controller
  10. DMA Controller
  11. Latches

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