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Field of electrical and electronics engineering, mobile autonomous systems is important course which dealing with automation system and called robotics. Mobile autonomous systems or robotics is very advanced technology is now in these days by which we can make anything easier. In Indoor surveillances, mobile autonomous systems is used in all over the world. Such as CCTV, in which detect people and object in predetermined area and environment, by using multisensor, monoculer camera, laser scanner and RFID device.

RFID works on the mapping process called RFID Augmented Mapping System. In the last few years RFID has been receiving big attention in object detections and tracking applications. As compared to other identification system, as for example BARCODES, RFID have several advantages, like it does not required line-of-sight and multiple tags can be detected simultaneously.

Mobile autonomous system or robotics system has achieved greatest success in the world of industrial manufacturing in these days. Due to this system many work is easier to be done on larger scales, as for example Remote control over Internet called state of art which is first used in MERCURY Project and second one is very interesting example is TELEGARDENING both are used by Goldberg. In telegardening all works are done by Internet users arm like planting, water, monitor the progress of seedlings via the tenders movements of an industrial robot arm.

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