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Electrical Assignment Help Order Now It is a branch of physics which deals with the phenomena of currents and attraction, and in other words we can say that it involves in the macroscopic properties of free charges in vacuum and matter. this properties accurately characterized by Lorentz force law and maxwell's equation. Electromagnetic is basically use in electrical engineering and underlie the sound understanding of this discipline. Electromagnetic in electrical engineering gives miracles in many field such as in light, communication, in researches, in cybernetics and informatics, and in electronics and photonics.

Basically electromagnetic works on three principles: a) Conservation of energy, b) Power, and c) Charges and also notion of a photon which transfer one quantum of electromagnet energy. However Newton's law shows kinematics of charged particles and objects which is influenced by electromagnetic fields. In fact the law of conservation also follow Maxwell's equation as well as Lorentz law which compress all macroscopic electromagnetic phenomena into a some concise results.

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