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Electrical Assignment Help Order Now The Electrical Properties Of Materials may be a constant or may be a function of one or more variables which can controlled by you , as for an example temperature. Material's properties often vary to some degree according to the direction in the material in which they are measured; a condition referred to as anisotropy. This properties can be measure of a material's ability to conduct an electric current, and it is dependent on electric strength which is defined by electrical potential gradient which must be maximum, because a material can withstand without rupture; usually specified in volts per millimeter of thickness.

Electrical properties is divided in these parts: Conduction, Semi-conductivity, Super-conductivity, Dielectric properties, Ferro-electricity, Piezo-electricity, and conductivity in ionic and polymeric materials. Electric conductivity is defined as the substances which have ability to conduct electricity called electric conduction. Electric conduction is may be off two types a) electronic conduction: In which conduction by electrons, and b) Ionic conduction: In which conduction by Ions.

Here some examples of materials: Aluminum, Germanium, silicon, Liquid Nitrogen (high temperatures super-conductors), Quartz crystals etc.

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