It’s that time of the year again. Endless writing, reading, stuffing your brains cramming information, writing papers, staying in libraries, pulling all nighters every night! Yes its Finals Week ! We hope you guys are all rushing to get everything done at the last minute. In case you are not, we would be worried! Some of you A graders will definitely have sorted out each and everything and prepared yourself for all the tests. But we know a lot of you are still in a dizzy. Completely prepared, but some are still left with hours of work to do? No worries! We have some excellent study tips for you to swim out of overwhelming portions of paperwork and preparations. Follow these tips down to the last final and come out shining.

1. First and foremost is planning. Make a list of everything that needs to get done. List all your projects, term papers, quizzes, submissions; note their deadlines in a chronological order. List out all the subjects you need to master for the finals, prioritizing the ones that are important in grades or where you need more study effort. Create a task list and study schedule and place it somewhere where you can see it always. This is the best way to get your priorities sorted and never miss a deadline. Set reminders on phones, emails and post-its on calendar.

AHN Expert tip: Do not forget to factor in some refreshing breaks and sleep time. Set up smaller incremental goals to boost your morale rather than larger than life unrealistic goals that will only lower your confidence in the end. 

2. Set up a proper and convenient study space. Study space options range from libraries, coffee shops, to hostel rooms, or home. Figure out a place where you feel most comfortable and least distracted. Make sure it’s spacious, properly lit and the seating arrangement should be comfortable. Most university libraries do not close during the finals week up until the last final. Check out the library timings of at your university. If you plan to study in groups, keep them small with 1-2 close friends only. Else they just become huge hangout chat groups.

AHN Expert Tip : Clean up your study space and desk. De-clutter your desk and organize your books and notes. This is also a great way to review all the study material at hand and find out what you are missing. Also a clean and clear study space will induce a positive spirit and help you study with a calm mind.

3. Ask! If you are stuck somewhere, ask for help! This is not the time for mindless, trackless research or proving your own theorems. If you are stuck on a concept or a question ask for help. Professors, Teaching Assistants, Friends, Online tutors, class mates, senior students; don’t hesitate to take their help if you are struggling to understand some concept. Do not leave it for the last minute; clear your queries on the sport. This is the Finals week; there would be no time after this.

AHN Expert tip: If you need help with some anxiety, reach out to your counselors. Always have your parents or some best friend for support or to vent out your frustrations or in case you feel nervous or have a panic attack.

4. Take a break: Don’t let panic or fear strike you down. Soothe your nerves and muscles with small and frequent study breaks. Go for a run around the campus. Or do some light exercise. Listen to some calm and soothing music. Take a hot water bath. Do some power yoga. Indulge in some nice movie once before the Final exam begins. Or pet and play with your dog. However avoid distracting channels like TV shows and social media which can in fact waste a lot more of your time. Breaks are not equivalent to Netflix, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube. Deactivate your digital subscriptions and messaging services.

AHN Expert tip: Avoid any physically strenuous activity that might in fact leave you more drained out or even hurt. Also while taking a break don’t hang out with students who can add to your stress level and induce negativity.

5. Eat well and Sleep Well: Finally it’s very important to eat well balanced meal during exams. Avoid eating from unknown or unhygienic places. Eat light and balanced meals to keep off lethargy or energy deprivation. Fresh fruits, Granola bars, Orange juice, light cooked meals are best. Drink loads of water to keep you well hydrated. Sleep for at least five hours in the prep week and no less than 3 hours on the night before your exam. Sleep gives a time out to your brain to consolidate all that you consolidate all that you have studied.

AHN Expert Tip: Regulate your caffeine intake. Taking too much caffeinated beverages can mess up your sleep schedule and leave you physically and mentally stressed out.

Finally we would recommend that you keep your eyes and ears open for any other Last minute test related information such as Test Preparation Sessions, or last minute advice, hints and guidelines and important topics from your professors. Don’t take help from any non trusted source. Always take study help from a genuine and trusted resource. It’s the Finals Week and you are allowed to do whatever you like, only if it gets you your dream GPA. It’s ok to indulge in your favorite foods, rock a messy bun/beard or roll around in your sweat shirts. Just stay focused on your studies and you will achieve success!
Sit Back, Take a deep breath and Study because its Finals Week !