One of the most challenging tasks for students in college and university life is to write high-quality assignments for getting higher grades in the subject.

Assignments are time requiring, decent research and googling skills are summed up together to come up with a good assignment.

Not every student has sharp skills to prepare and write high-quality assignments, they might need a helper or someone who can guide them to write a database assignment help from experts.

The world has digitalized nows, students can research every type of data on Google or any other web browser.

But there is another big issue while coping with these resources, teachers can penalize you for plagiarism and it can result in zero marks in the assignment.

How to solve this problem? How to write articles and assignments without plagiarism?

 Many paraphrasing tools can restructure and rephrase existing content into a new one with almost zero percent plagiarism in it.

Best Parapahrasing tool for Students

 Some of these tools are listed below.


  • This is an AI-based paraphrasing tool to write various blog posts for posting regular content on the blog.
  • It rewrite sentences into new ones changing the structure, style and replacing the words with their synonyms.
  • This AI-based tool makes sure that no plagiarism can be detected in the content.
  • This paraphrasing tool has three modes for rewriting, the users can choose any mode from fluency, standard and creative mode.
  • The paraphrasing tool can read and write articles like humans, there is no readability or flow error in the content. The content is rephrased in the form of bullets and different headings to make a good impression on the reader.
  • The tool is easy to use, the users need to copy-paste the data in the input box of the tool and click on the option “ rephrase”, to get the rephrased and plagiarism-free content.
  • This tool can be used by teachers, students, bloggers, and writers for writing various documents, etc and it is available in multiple languages and support different file formats for a user-friendly experience.


  • Softo paraphrasing tool is a rewarding tool that changes the exact meaning of the context with its alternate words or synonyms and making minor changes in the structure and flows to make it unique.
  • If you are one of those students who find it hard to write an assignment, then you can use this tool to write your assignments to save your money and time and by using this tool-free.
  • This paraphrasing tool works by the Artificial Intelligence system that has the power to write sentences by replacing them with their most suitable synonyms and spins the article smartly to make it unique.
  • This paraphrasing tool can also be used for writing academic assignments, the paraphrasing tool can restructure and rephrase the articles for you in no time to save your time and energy.
  • This tool has an additional advantage for users as it can save their time to write burdensome assignments, rather than hiring professional writers which can cost much and is not economical for students at all.


  • Rephrase paraphrasing tool is a wonderful rewriting tool for students to write accurate and precise assignments by saving their time and energy.
  • This paraphrasing tool alters the sentences and replaces words with their synonyms and the rephrased articles are easy to read and have a good flow overall.
  • You can re-write academic as well as other articles on this tool, it works efficiently in both ways.
  • This paraphrasing tool is absolutely free to use and you can paraphrase as many articles as you can and at any time. It does not have any unnecessary restrictions.
  • Users can enjoy using this tool by uploading the original document on this tool and this tool will rephrase the article to get unique and paraphrased content.
  • The tool supports multiple languages and multiple file formats for a more user-friendly experience.


  • Text rephrase is word replacing tool designed for students, teachers, bloggers, and writers to write plagiarism-free content.
  • The tool is AI-based which means that there are lesser chances of a technical error in the readability and flow of the article.
  • THE purpose of the paraphrasing tool is not to write a new article, it will rewrite the existing content in such a way that any tool cannot detect plagiarism in it.
  • This tool is completely free to use and this tool does not have any word limit and no premium subscriptions are required to use this tool. This paraphrasing tool saves a lot of time for the students and bloggers to rewrite their assignments and other articles etc.
  • If you are running short of time for assignments and you have no one to help, use this tool for rewriting your assignments and copy the content you want to rephrase and paste it in the input box of the tool, click on the option rephrase to get your plagiarism-free and rephrasing content.


So far paraphrasing tools have made the writing job much easier for students and bloggers to get their articles and assignment done in few seconds.

These paraphrasing tools save a lot of time, energy, and money. Not all paraphrasing tools can be used for all purposes, some are good in rewriting the articles and blog posts for my assignment help and some are good for academic purposes like scholarly paraphrasing tool works better where heavy research is required.