99 Reasons to Choose US As Your Next Study Destination


The US currently is at the topmost position on the planet in terms of attracting international students to their universities. The US is flocked by students from every country because of the presence of some of the best consistently performing universities in the world like Harvard University, Stanford University, etc. In this article, we will see the major reasons for choosing the US as a potential study destination.

  1. Superb education quality: 95 percent of all universities in the US are known for their high-quality education. Stanford University has been consistently ranked among the world’s top three universities with the highest quality of educational service.
  2. Unique curriculum design: Major universities in the US have specifically designed their entire curriculum for students to grasp the concepts best in the least possible time. Harvard University’s curriculum is thought to be one of the bests around the world.
  3. Great opportunities: All US colleges and universities offer the students the widest variety of opportunities to become the best version of themselves so that, they will be ready for the next step when they finally graduate.
  4. Amazing study culture: The US universities have huge libraries and study rooms solely dedicated to making the studying procedure as good as possible.
  5. Multicultural campuses: Due to the US being the top destination of all foreign students, all university campuses are flocked by students from all different cultures and backgrounds.
  6. Proven academic excellence: Universities such as Harvard and Princeton have repeatedly proven their academic excellence through their students throughout history.
  7. The highest number of top-ranking universities: As per the latest QS Rankings of International Universities, the US currently has 33 universities in the top 100, which is the best record by any single country so far in the world.
  8. The flexibility of courses: The US universities offer all possible combinations of subjects to make the courses as varied as possible so that students can choose their preferred course without compromising a subject of their choice.
  9. World-class supporting system for foreign students: All US colleges and universities conduct regular workshops, orientation courses, and other activities to help foreign students grasp the comparatively new way of learning.
  10. Regular doubt-solving sessions: All teachers conduct regular doubt-solving sessions specifically for the new students to help them adjust as soon as possible.
  11. Specialized extra classes for foreign students: Major universities in the US are very student-oriented and often conduct specialized extra classes to help the foreign students adjust to their new curriculums.
  12. Inclusion: All US colleges and universities are very open-minded and inclusive of all students regardless of gender, race, and religion.
  13. Top class techniques: Teachers in highly ranked universities like Harvard and Stanford have developed special educational techniques so that their students can benefit and learn effectively in the shortest possible time.
  14. Statistical advantage: Over the years, statistics have shown that students graduating from US colleges have the highest probability of securing a better position and high-level job compared to students of other countries.
  15. Outstanding technology: The US universities apply the latest highest grade technology to carry out the courses so that the students can learn in the best possible way.
  16. Academic advantage: Brilliant academic geniuses like Leonard Susskind of Stanford University and Kip Thorne of California Institute Of Technology have all studied as well as taught their subjects extensively in these prestigious US universities.
  17. Innovation Leaders: US universities have always been the frontrunners when it comes to innovation in the education sector. For example, the University Of Central Florida was recognized as one of the top ten best universities in terms of educational innovations.
  18. Highest QS rankings: US universities collectively have gathered the highest rankings around the world in the 2019 official QS Ranking System Of Universities!
  19. Skill development: All US universities focus mainly on skill development and practical experience rather than bookish information. That helps their students to excel in the industry after they graduate.
  20. Lectures by industry experts: Many US universities bring in special guest teachers who are working at the highest levels of their respective fields to lecture the young minds of the universities for further exposure.
  21. Uniqueness: Every US University is unique from the rest of the world because of their way of teaching and the methods they deploy to ensure problem-solving.
  22. Foreign student service office: There are separate offices in every major university in the US for the support of immigrant students that support them for the culture shock as well as provide other academic support.
  23. On-campus career support: US universities have always inclined towards supporting the students to get internships and jobs through their On-Campus Career Support programs. These programs aim to provide students with part-time and full-time employment as well as get internships during studying.
  24. Top-quality professors: Major US universities like Princeton University and Massachusetts Institute Of Technology have the top professors in the world to make their students achieve the best future possible.
  25. Easy employment opportunities: After graduation US is a country that offers newly graduated students ample opportunities to find their desired jobs in the market.
  26. Active learning culture: US universities like Cleveland State University are well known for their active learning culture which helps students understand the subjects better at their own pace.
  27. Online assistance: All US colleges and universities have an online support system active 24/7 to clear students’ problems even outside the university classes.
  28. Top-quality infrastructure: US universities have always been the frontrunners when it comes to class and laboratory infrastructure.
  29. Professors with years of experience: Most professors in US universities are not only talented but also have several years of teaching experience at the top level.
  30. Enriched student lifestyle: The US universities and campuses are known for their highly interactive nature as well as a high-quality lifestyle.
  31. Great professor-student relationships: Professors in US universities are humble, always ready to help, and respectful and so, the professor-student relationships are good in US colleges.
  32. Variety in subject choices: Every university in the US offers the students several combinations of subjects to choose from so that the students can learn what they want without getting stuck in a field that is not their choice.
  33. Great scholarship options: Most US universities offer several scholarship options to talented students, ranging from 20% to even 75% scholarships.
  34. Proven statistical records: According to the latest research, US universities attract more than a million foreign students per year. That is the highest number of international students attending universities in a foreign country.
  35. Academic brilliance: Major universities in the US like MIT, Harvard University and Stanford University have a reputation for being the top educational institutions academically in the entire world.
  36. Student safety and well-being: The campuses of all US universities are heavily guarded and are completely safe for all students.
  37. Environment: Greenery is present throughout the campus of any US university which gives it a serene and natural feeling.
  38. Superb future opportunities: Students who graduate from US universities are most likely to secure high-level jobs in reputed companies in the future.
  39. Realistic curriculum: The US universities do not have unrealistic expectations from their students, all the curriculums are designed in such a way that students can progress at a reasonable pace.
  40. Regular assessments: To measure a student’s progress, US universities have regular assessments to test the skills of their students.
  41. Great social life: America is well known for its great culture and social life.
  42. Research culture: US universities like Princeton University and Caltech have gathered a reputation for being some of the highest-ranking universities for research. So any student can graduate and apply immediately for research in these universities without having to travel again for higher studies.
  43. Career counseling system: Most US universities offer career counseling services to students before they graduate to help them identify their dream jobs.
  44. Specialized course materials: In US universities, there are both online and offline materials designed to give the students the best possible understanding of the subject matter.
  45. Diverse campus life: Since almost 50 percent of the students are internationals, therefore, the campuses of most US universities are very diverse in terms of backgrounds and ethnicities.
  46. Student clubs: Students can form on-campus student clubs which will conduct many engagement activities as well as bring forth the problems of the students to the college authorities.
  47. Campus organizations: There are special campus organizations in most US universities to help the students with course navigation, scholarships, or other issues.
  48. Huge government investments: The US government invests millions of dollars in maintaining and upgrading its education sector.
  49. Value of degree: The degree from any top US university will be hugely important in any other country other than America as well.
  50. Quality of life: Living in the US would be one of the best experiences ever in a student’s lifetime!
  51. Equality and inclusive campuses: All US colleges and universities promote equality and inclusion of all races, religions, and genders.
  52. Commitment to excellence: Top US universities like Cleveland and Stanford University strive to give students the best quality of education on this planet.
  53. Accreditations: All US colleges and universities are accredited by both the regional and national level boards of education.
  54. Past research history: The US universities have a great reputation for academic excellence and have brilliant records of past research conducted in every field.
  55. Standardized test patterns: The exams of US universities have a very high degree of legitimacy around the world because of the presence of standardized tests in US universities.
  56. Easy study culture: The students are never forced with their assignments by the professors and the course follows a comfortable pace of progression so that no student is left out.
  57. Greatest alumni: Some of the US universities like Caltech have the greatest alumni of our generation, for example, Noble prize winner Kip Thorne.
  58. Uniform distribution of credits: In every curriculum, the credits are uniformly distributed to ensure all parts of the subject are given their deserved importance.
  59. Lush environment: The US universities are covered with green plants and have a very lush and beautiful environment.
  60. Healthy competition: The US students are highly competitive but within healthy boundaries which helps any student to perform even better.
  61. Great future opportunities: History indicates that students who graduated from US colleges have higher chances of having a great future than students in any other country.
  62. Balanced student lives: Due to their curriculum, the US university students can enjoy as much as they study, leading a balanced life in the process.
  63. Industry-level training facilities: Most US universities have labs that offer industry-level training to make the students ready to take up full-time jobs as soon as they graduate.
  64. Guest lectures by industry experts: Often US universities will conduct guest lectures with top industry experts to give their students a feel of the real market.
  65. Active learning culture: US universities encourage students to participate in active learning and to solve their problems on their own to become great problem solvers.
  66. Meeting some great people: Because of the diversity in the campuses, US universities are the best places to meet some great people from other cultures.
  67. Full online courses: All US universities have uploaded full online lectures and study materials so that their students can access them if they miss a lecture.
  68. Excellent student financing options: US universities have great student financing options so that the students can apply more easily without worrying about the finances of their education.
  69. Up to date facilities: All US colleges have up-to-date facilities to make students’ lives much easier.
  70. Fun experiences: the US is well known for its hip lifestyle and pop culture, so foreign students will get to experience a very different lifestyle when they study in the US.
  71. Amazing nightlife: America is known for its 24/7 pubs and brilliant night outs.
  72. Brilliant teacher-student ratio: US universities have always maintained a healthy teacher-to-student ratio so that no student goes unnoticed or no teacher is overburdened.
  73. World-class classrooms and laboratories: US universities like MIT and Harvard boast the highest quality of classrooms and laboratories in the world.
  74. Unity and liberty: Americans believe in unity and liberty which transitions into the US universities as well.
  75. Great social networks: Throughout college and even after graduation, students maintain a healthy social relationship with each other.
  76. Amazing hiking opportunities: Students can go on an adventure trip with America having one of the highest numbers of hiking spots in the world.
  77. Possibility to settle down: It has been noted that after graduation students from US colleges often settle down in the US with high-paying jobs.
  78. Multiple career paths: Students graduating from US colleges have the chance to choose from a wide network of career paths without compromising their dreams.
  79. Experience of a lifetime: Studying in some of the most popular universities of all time like Harvard and MIT would be the best lifetime experience for any student.
  80. High tech gadgets for students: Some US universities employ high-tech gadgets like live animators and AI designs to help students grasp the concepts better.
  81. Traveling opportunities: Students will have amazing traveling options once they get admission to a US university.
  82. Building relationships: Studying in some of the most diverse college campuses helps students to build great friendships both with their peers and the professors.
  83. Optional part-time jobs: US universities have the option for foreign students to get part-time jobs from the college campus directly to help them financially.
  84. Co-ops program: US universities have a Co-ops program that helps foreign students to work through their studies while also sitting for interviews, all the while, never leaving the campus.
  85. Cheap accommodations: Some US universities have cheap accommodation options exclusively for their foreign students.
  86. Top grading system: US universities use a combination of 4 point grading system – 4.0 GPA and the letter grades to correctly identify a student’s capability.
  87. Comfortable academic terms: Each academic term is neither long nor short resulting in the perfect duration for any student.
  88. High rate of student satisfaction: Recently, a report stated over 65 percent of the total students gave US universities an A+ in terms of the overall experience.
  89. Understanding teachers: The teachers are highly understanding and will always help the students with their assignments or doubts.
  90. Feedback-based teaching: Teachers are regularly rated by the students and management changes the teachers if they are not performing satisfactorily.
  91. Liberal mindset: US university campuses have a very liberal and inclusive mindset when it comes to foreign students.
  92. Transfer of credits: Students having completed some degree in previous years are given special consideration by transferring some of the previous credits to their current course, provided the old credits are relevant to the present course.
  93. Comparative value of the degree: The degree from a US university has a much higher chance of being accepted by any foreign university compared to a degree of any other country.
  94. Optimization of teaching experiences: Teachers are regularly trained by professionals so that, they can teach with optimal clarity.
  95. Quality rather than quantity approach: US universities are well known for their quality education rather than the number of hours given by the teachers.
  96. Merit-based scholarship system: US universities offer scholarships solely based on the merit of any candidate and nothing else.
  97. Popular subject choices: Most colleges in the US have all the popular options when it comes to the choice of subjects.
  98. Interactive content: The books and exercises are designed in such a way that the students can learn most effectively through easy interaction with the study materials.
  99. Overall experience: Studying in a US university is truly a life-changing experience for most foreign students. Students grow to become much smarter and more successful after such an experience.