Hey dolls, it’s that time of the semester again—Finals Week, where the contour is replaced by under-eye bags, and coffee becomes your new BFF. Let’s break down the chaotic rollercoaster of emotions and experiences during this academic catwalk, through the lens of none other than the queen of glam herself, Kim K.

So, Finals Week is only a Week Away.

Pre-Week Panic

It’s all about the pre-week freakout, where your planner looks more crowded than my closet. SOS, where did all these assignments come from? W-H-A-A-A-T-T ?!?

    Finals Week Kim Kardashian
    Wait ! What ?!?

    Coffee Dependency Level: Kim at a Red Carpet Event

    Your caffeine intake hits levels higher than my glam squad’s contouring powder. Espresso yourself, right? Because you L-I-T-E-R-A-L-L-Y have no idea of what was taught in the semester.

    Procrastination Station

    Suddenly, cleaning your room seems more appealing than studying for that calculus exam. Organizing your makeup drawer? #Priorities Because “‘Ambitious’ is my middle name” !

    Finals Week Motivation

    The Denial Stage

    Omg you guys! There is still like a WEEK to go! You convince yourself that everything will be fine even though you haven’t opened your textbook since Week 3. Positive vibes only, right?

    Finals Week as told by

    Mental Breakdown #1

    When the material gets as confusing as deciphering Kanye’s tweets. Cue the tears and dramatics.

    Snack Attack

    You’ve consumed more snacks than I have designer purses. Stress-eating is a sport, honey.

    Library Siege

    You stake out a spot in the library like it’s the Met Gala red carpet. Studying is the new black.

    Group Study Drama

    More drama than an episode of KUWTK, with everyone trying to be the Kris Jenner of the group. Teamwork makes the dream work, or does it?

    Finals Week Motivation

    Social Media Temptation

    You declare a social media blackout but end up stalking influencers for “motivation.” Scrolling for inspiration, or is it procrastination?

    Finals Week As Told By

    Fashion Crisis

    Sweatpants and messy buns become the new haute couture. Comfort is key, right?

    Late-Night Delirium

    You start to question reality, your life choices, and whether you’ll ever need to know the capital of Belarus. Is this real life?

    Finals Week as told by Kim Kardashian

    Mental Breakdown #2

    More tears, more drama. This time, it’s over a particularly tricky multiple-choice question. Multiple choices, zero answers.

    Finals Week As Told By

    The Endless Revision Loop

    Rereading the same sentence for an hour because it feels like it’s in a different language. Lost in translation, much?

    Finals Week Study Guide

    One Night Before When you Need Help

    You start Looking for Tutors Online Like :-p

    Finals Week Stories

    Cramming Chaos

    Seriously! It’s Totally Mental ! It’s a marathon of info intake, and your brain feels as full as my social calendar. Brain overload, majorly.

    Finals Week As Told By

    GOTCHA! No Not Really ! More Like 

    Me on Exam Day

    (Seriously ! Stop Laughing :-p)

    The “I’m Done” Moment

    Hand in the last paper and let out a sigh of relief. You feel as liberated as when I took my first selfie.

    Know Nothing in Exam

    Turn in the Test

    Whatever ! The questions  were such Peasants!

    Me during Finals Week

    Result Shock

    When your grade is better than expected, it’s like receiving an unexpected Birkin bag. Shooketh, to say the least!

    Finals Week Funny

    Result Disappointment

    If it’s not what you hoped for, it’s like the Met Gala without an invite. Disappointing, but we move.

    Finals Week Kim Kardashian

    Post-Finals Celebration

    It’s time to pop academic bottles and party like it’s New Year’s Eve. Cheers to surviving, darling!

    Finals Week Motivation

    Grade Anxiety

    Refreshing the grades page more often than you refresh your makeup for the perfect selfie. The suspense is killing me.

    Semester Recap

    Reflecting on the semester is like doing a throwback of your Insta feed—some highs, some lows, and a lot of growth. What a ride.

    Promise of Improvement

    You vow to start studying earlier next semester, just like I promise to clean out my closet every season. New semester, new me.

    Brief Moment of Relaxation

    Enjoying a few moments of peace before the cycle begins anew. Breathe in, breathe out.

    Textbook Resale Drama

    Trying to sell your textbooks feels like negotiating a business deal. Haggling game strong.

    BONUS: Repeat

    And just like that, the cycle starts again. Here we go again, right?

    Hope you had Fun! Now seriously go and study! 

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