Finals Week has arrived. And our girl Kim Kardashian has emotions for every stage students go through in the Finals Week.

So, Finals Week is only a Week Away.

So you looked at the exam schedule and then you looked at the calendar when it dawned on you that you have an Exam exactly in seven days from now. W-H-A-A-A-T-T ?!?

Finals Week Kim Kardashian
Wait ! What ?!?

What’s on Syllabus?

Because you L-I-T-E-R-A-L-L-Y have no idea of what was taught in the semester.

Finals Week As Told By Kim
Looking At Syllabus for the First Time



But you are Determined to Start Studying

Because “‘Ambitious’ is my middle name” !

Finals Week Motivation


& Then you Go Home After College Like

Omg you guys! There is still like a WEEK to go!

Finals Week as told by


Time to Chill

Get in the car loser !

Finals week Kim Kardashian
Just Chill !


Selfie and Chill

or Maybe Netflix :-p

Finals Week

No More time left

Because you were Just Chilling for the last 5 days

Finals Week Study
2 Days to Finals!


Random Motivation to study


Finals Week Motivation


Finally, you Start Studying two days before Exam!

Not even Kanye can help you if you don’t study even now !

Finals Week Meme

Wait, let’s make a Plan, though!

Finals Week Funny

Must Study All Night for two Nights Straight

Finals Week

But Even the Slightest Distraction is Enough.

Finals Week Meme


And Some More….

Finals Week As Told By



Time for Coffee Break

Me During Finals Week


& you return back to your Study Table to find

What was I even Studying

Damn! Should have Attended some Lectures.

Finals Week As Told By


Who Needs a Degree !

Finals Week as told by Kim Kardashian


I am a strong and an independent person! & No degree can ever define me . & I have plenty of options. Until…..

Hand me that Bottle of Alcohol

Finals Week As Told By

Yes, I need that Degree! I need to Job! I need the Money! What did I do to deserve this Organic Chemistry Torture !

Crying…Crying…More Crying…

I just need like 24 hours More to study all this! Please ! Please! Please! *Mental Breakdown*

Finals Week Study Guide



One Night Before When you Need Help

You start Looking for Tutors Online Like :-p

Finals Week Stories

Cramming Cramming Cramming

Seriously! It’s Totally Mental !

Finals Week As Told By

Finally It’s the day of your final exam!

Finals Week As Told By


GOTCHA! No Not Really ! More Like 

Me on Exam Day


(Seriously ! Stop Laughing :-p)

One Look at the Question Paper

Only to Realize you don’t Remembering Anything.

Know Nothing in Exam

Turn in the Test

Whatever ! The questions  were such Peasants!

Me during Finals Week


When Bae Starts Discussing the Question Paper!

Finals Week Funny

Like I would Know! But I won’t Show ! *wink*

Coming out from Exam Hall Like

Finals Week Kim Kardashian

Until Next Semester….

Finals Week Motivation

Hope you had Fun! Now seriously go and study! 

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