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Wettability is defined as the tendency of one fluid to spread on or adhere to a solid surface in the presence of other immiscible fluids. The tendency of a liquid to spread over the surface of a solid is an indication of the wetting characteristics of the liquid for the solid. This spreading tendency can be expressed more conveniently by measuring the angle of contact at the liquid-solid surface. This angle, which is always measured through the liquid to the solid, is called the contact angle q. The contact angle q has achieved significance as a measure of wettability. Complete wettability would be evidenced by a zero contact angle, and complete non wetting would be evidenced by a contact angle of 180°. There have been various definitions of intermediate wettability but, in much of the published literature, contact angles of 60° to 90° will tend to repel the liquid. The wettability of reservoir rocks to the fluids is important in that the distribution of the fluids in the porous media is a function of wettability. Because of the attractive forces, the wetting phase tends to occupy the smaller pores of the rock and the non wetting phase occupies the more open channel.

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Surface And Interfacial Tension

In dealing with multiphase systems, it is necessary to consider the effect of the forces at the interface when two immiscible fluids are in contact. When these two fluids are liquid and gas, the term surface tension is used to describe the forces acting on the interface. When the interface is between two liquids, the acting forces are called interfacial tension.

Surfaces of liquids are usually blanketed with what acts as a thin film. Although this apparent film possesses little strength, it nevertheless acts like a thin membrane and resists being broken. This is believed to be caused by attraction between molecules within a given system. All molecules are attracted one to the other in proportion to the product of their masses and inversely as the squares of the distance between them.

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