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Gas Reservoirs

Reservoirs containing only free gas are termed gas reservoirs. Such a reservoir contains a mixture of hydrocarbons, which exists wholly in the gaseous state. The mixture may be a dry, wet, or condensategas, depending on the composition of the gas, along with the pressure and temperature at which the accumulation exists. Gas reservoirs may have water influx from a contiguous water-bearing portion of the formation or may be volumetric (i.e., have no water influx).

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Gas formation volume factor: It is factor Bg is defined is defined as the actual volume occupied by n moles of gas at a specified pressure and temperature, divided by the volume occupied by the same amount of gas at standard conditions. Applying the real gas equation-of-state to both conditions gives:

The gas expansion factor is simply the reciprocal of Bg,

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Bg = gas formation volume factor, ft3/scf.

This chapter presents two approaches for estimating initial gas in place G, gas reserves, and the gas recovery for volumetric and water-drive mechanisms:

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  • Volumetric method
  • Material balance approach

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