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Oil Recovery mechanisms And The material Balance Equation

Petroleum Engineering Assignment Help Order NowEach reservoir is composed of a unique combination of geometric form, geological rock properties, fluid characteristics, and primary drive mechanism. Although no two reservoirs are identical in all aspects, they can be grouped according to the primary recovery mechanism by which they produce. It has been observed that each drive mechanism has certain typical performance characteristics in terms of:

  • Ultimate recovery factor
  • Pressure decline rate
  • Gas-oil ratio
  • Water production

The recovery of oil by any of the natural drive mechanisms is called primary recovery. The term refers to the production of hydrocarbons from a reservoir without the use of any process (such as fluid injection) to supplement the natural energy of the reservoir.

The two main objectives of this chapter are to:

  1. Introduce and give a detailed discussion of the various primary recovery mechanisms and their effects on the overall performance of oil reservoirs.
  2. Provide the basic principles of the material balance equation and other governing relationships that can be used to predict the volumetric performance of oil reservoirs

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