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The Water-Drive Mechanism

Many reservoirs are bounded on a portion or all of their peripheries by water bearing rocks called aquifers. The aquifers may be so large compared to the reservoir they adjoin as to appear infinite for all practical purposes and they may range down to those as small as to be negligible in their effects on the reservoir performance. The aquifer itself may be entirely bounded by impermeable rock so that the reservoir and aquifer together form a closed (volumetric) unit. On the other hand, the reservoir may be out cropped at one or more places where it may be replenished by surface water. It is common to speak of edge water or bottom water in discussing water influx into a reservoir. Bottom water occurs directly beneath the oil and edge water occurs off the flanks of the structure at the edge of the oil.

Petroleum Engineering Assignment Help Order Now Regardless of the source of water, the water drive is the result of water moving into the pore spaces originally occupied by oil, replacing the oil and displacing it to the producing wells.

Reservoir Pressure

The reservoir pressure decline is usually very gradual. Figure shows the pressure production history of a typical water-drive reservoir.

the water drive mechanism

the water drive mechanism figurecumulative oil production

It is not uncommon for many thousands of barrels of oil to be produced for each pound per square inch drop in reservoir pressure. The reason for the small decline in reservoir pressure is that oil and gas withdrawals from the reservoir are replaced almost volume for volume by water encroaching into the oil zone.

reservoir pressure

pressure production

Since the principal income production is from oil, if the withdrawals of water and gas can be minimized, then the withdrawal of oil from the reservoir can be maximized with minimum pressure decline. Therefore, it is extremely important to reduce water and gas production to an absolute minimum. This can usually be accomplished by shutting in wells producing large quantities of these fluids and, where possible, transferring their allowable to other wells producing with lower water-oil or gas-oil ratios

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