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Three phase Relative Permeability

The relative permeability to a fluid is defined as the ratio of effective permeability at a given saturation of that fluid to the absolute permeability at 100% saturation. Each porous system has unique relative permeability characteristics, which must be measured experimentally. Direct experimental determination of three-phase relative permeability properties is extremely difficult and involves rather complex techniques to determine the fluid saturation distribution along the length of the core. For this reason, the more easily measured two-phase relative permeability characteristics are experimentally determined.

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In a three-phase system of this type it is found that the relative permeability to water depends only upon the water saturation. Since the water can flow only through the smallest interconnect pores that are present in the rock and able to accommodate its volume, it is hardly surprising that the flow of water does not depend upon the nature of the fluids occupying the other pores. Similarly, the gas relative permeability depends only upon the gas saturation. This fluid, like water, is restricted to a particular range of pore sizes and its flow is not influenced by the nature of the fluid or fluids that fill the remaining pores.

The pores available for flow of oil are those that, in size, are larger than pores passing only water and smaller than pores passing only gas. The number of pores occupied by oil depends upon the particular size distribution of the pores in the rock in which the three phases coexist and upon the oil saturation itself. In general, the relative permeability of each phase, i.e., water, gas and oil, in a three-phase system is essentially related to the existing saturation by the following functions:

Krw = f (Sw)

krg = f (Sg)

kro = f (Sw, Sg)

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