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Drainage Process

It is generally agreed that the pore spaces of reservoir rocks were originally filled with water, after which oil moved into the reservoir, displacing some of the water, and reducing the water to some residual saturation. When discovered, the reservoir pore spaces are filled with connate water saturation and oil saturation. If gas is the displacing agent, then gas moves into the reservoir, displacing the oil.

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imbibitions process

Imbibitions Process

The imbibitions process is performed in the laboratory by first saturating the core with the water (wetting phase), then displacing the water to its irreducible (connate) saturation by injection oil. This “drainage” procedure is designed to establish the original fluid saturations that are found when the reservoir is discovered. The wetting phase (water) is reintroduced into the core and the water (wetting phase) is continuously increased. This is the imbibitions process and is intended to produce the relative permeability data needed for water drive or water flooding calculations

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