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Properties Of natural Gases

A gas is defined as a homogeneous fluid of low viscosity and density that has no definite volume but expands to completely fill the vessel in which it is placed. Generally, the natural gas is a mixture of hydrocarbon and non hydrocarbon gases. The hydrocarbon gases that are normally found in a natural gas are methane, ethane, propane, butanes, pentanes, and small amounts of hexanes and heavier. Impurities include carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, and nitrogen.

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Knowledge of pressure-volume-temperature (PVT) relationships and other physical and chemical properties of gases is essential for solving problems in natural gas reservoir engineering. These properties include:

  • Apparent molecular weight, Ma
  • Specific gravity, gg
  • Compressibility factor, z
  • Density, rg
  • Specific volume, v
  • Isothermal gas compressibility coefficient, cg
  • Gas formation volume factor, Bg
  • Gas expansion factor, Eg
  • Viscosity, mg

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