Washington State University

A brief introduction:

Founded in the year 1890, Washington State University, also known as Washington State or WSU, is one of the oldest land grant universities in the western part of the United States of America. It is a public research university located in Pullman, Washington and is known as an institute that produces a good quality of graduates. Among the pool of international students too, the university has a great appeal and this appeal is growing with each passing year.

Besides the campus located in Pullman, Washington, the university also runs campuses in other areas of Washington such as WSU Spokane, WSU Vancouver, WSU Tri-Cities. All these campuses were founded in 1989. Moreover, in the year 2012, the university also launched a virtual, internet-based Global campus. Through this global campus, the university offers its online degree programs to the students. In addition to this, in the year 2015, Washington State University expanded its horizons and opened a sixth campus, known as WSU Everett.

Ever since its establishment, Washington State University has been producing graduates and professionals who emerge as problem solvers and do not give in to the obstacles that the market and the professional world puts in front of them. The graduates of this institute are widely accepted and seen as worthy professionals and valued more than the professionals of most of the universities. The university has almost all the qualities that the students want in their dream institute. It has a rich history, culture, tradition, and so much more. With all this, it becomes one of the most ideal choices for the applicants in America and abroad.

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Courses offered:

Washington State University offers a wide range of courses for applicants to choose from. It can be argued that this is one of the factors that contribute to the diversity in student population of the university. Since the institute offers courses from a diverse range of disciplines, people from different countries and of different interests come to the university.

If you are worried about whether or not you will get the course of your choice, it would help to know that the academic programs at Washington State University span across more than two hundred disciplines. The university offers undergraduate programs, master’s degrees, doctoral programs, and even professional courses. In the undergraduate courses at the university, there are as many as 95 majors, 86 minors, and more than 100 in-major specializations available for the students to choose from. In the simplest of words, if you are planning to attend Washington State University, then the choice of the program should not be a problem for you. You will surely find one of your choices.

The different programs, schools, and departments of the university are divided into 10 colleges. They are as follows:

  • College of Veterinary Medicine
  • College of Nursing
  • College of Education
  • College of Pharmacy
  • College of Agricultural, Human, and Natural Resource Sciences
  • Carson College of Business
  • College of Arts and Sciences
  • Edward R. Murrow College of Communication
  • Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine
  • Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture
  • Honors College

Moreover, the university also has a graduate school and an online global campus for online degrees and programs.

The university has a total of 65 departments that offer as many as 140 graduate and professional degrees. The liberal arts and sciences have always been a very important part of the curriculum at the Washington State University with various other fields as well such as agriculture, engineering, veterinary medicine, education, communication, business. Pharmacy, nursing, and many more. The core curriculum of the undergraduate programs is nationally recognized. The prolific and high-quality curriculum that the university works on is one of the primary reasons that make the graduates of the university a preferable choice in the market. In a calendar year, the Washington State University awards or confers as many as 5,900 bachelor’s, doctoral, professional, and master’s degrees throughout the state. Many of the programs that are run at the university have been recipient to national recognitions and rankings.

In addition to all this, WSU also has study-abroad options for the students in hundreds of programs. Summer courses are also available for new as well as the continuing students.

Reasons for international students to attend Washington State University:

The experiences, expectations, reasons, and even aspirations are quite different for international students as compared to the local students when it comes to choosing a college. First of all, the decision to choose which college to attend or go to is very difficult in the first place. However, it is even more difficult and stressful for the international students. The local students have an edge over the international students in way as they are already well acquainted with the culture of their country. They also have an idea about the prestige or reputation associated with the college that they want to attend. Moreover, they even have idea about which courses are the best at the university and which ones are those that one should stay away from.
However, the international students, since they live far away, in some other country, have no or little idea about all this. Thus, it is only natural that this decision becomes difficult for them. They have to go online, read hundreds of articles, and conduct extensive research before they can decide. The world is becoming more and more competitive by the day and therefore, one cannot take chance with the college.

As an international student, you have certain expectations from your college. There are certain elements that you wish for your college to have. Well, at Washington State University, almost all the elements or qualities that you might wish for are present.

Some of the reasons for international students to attend WSU are:

  1. A diverse student population

If you are planning on joining an institute away from your home country, there are high chances that you worried about being the only student away from home at your college. This is one of the primary fears that international students face. In addition to this, there is also the fear of not being welcome or being looked at as different. A lot of these fears have to do with the little knowledge that international students have of the culture of the college.

One should know that at Washington State University, diversity is a significant feature of the student population. The university is home to as many as 21,000 students. Out of this 30 % are multicultural. Moreover, the student population of Washington State University represents 48 states of the country. Also, there are 1,910 international students who are a part of this student body and represent as many as 106 countries in the world. Looking at all these facts, you can rest assured that the international students are more than welcome and that diversity is celebrated at Washington State University. Thus, it becomes one of the most ideal institutes for students from all over the world who wish to study in America.

  1. Great research opportunities

Washington State University offers its students great quality of research opportunities. The university is widely regarded as place where huge emphasis is laid on research and related activities. As per the data for the financial year 2018, the total expenditure for Washington State University was already more than 360 million dollars. These research opportunities prove to be really beneficial for the students, especially the undergraduate ones. Because these are hands-on research opportunities, they give the students huge learning experiences. In case the student wishes to gain employment right after college or even if he plans to attend a graduate program, the learning experience that the students gain prove to be really beneficial. It makes them more competitive and thus, makes them survive in the job market or graduate school.

In today’s competitive world, a university, college, or program that can give you an edge over your peers out there in the market is one of the primary things that anyone would want. Thus, Washington State University becomes an ideal choice for international students and receives so many applications every year from all around the world.

Prospects for international students:

As already mentioned, the experiences of international students are quite different than those of the local or native students. The local students are comfortable on campus right from the very first day while the international students are not. Thus, there are certain things that a college or university should have to make international students enjoy the same kind of prospects as the local students. At Washington State University, almost all of these elements are available.

Some of the reasons why international students enjoy great prospects at Washington State University are:

  1. International Center

For international students, it is critically important that they become a part of the new culture and get used to it as soon as possible. If not, the students can find themselves under a lot of stress and filled with anxiety. Washington State University has made sure that the international students arrive on campus have a convenient stay right from the beginning. The university has an International Center that helps all the students in having a cultural sharing experience on campus.

The international students can think of the International Center as their safe zone. It’s a place on the campus where the international students and the local ones come together. The center conducts intercultural activities for these students and helps them to socialize extensively or simply relax and study. The Center also helps the students with academic support services, by organizing social events and by highlighting the cultural customs and the unique U.S. experiences.

At the international center, you learn about American culture and meet new people. These programs and events eventually turn into the international students forming new friendships and feeling comfortable on the campus. The center proves to be really beneficial to make the stay of the international students highly comfortable.

  1. Low Student to Faculty Ratio

This is also something that really helps the international students have a comfortable time during their college years. Despite the fact that the university has as many as 21,000 students enrolled, the student to faculty ratio is as low as 15 to 1. What this low ratio does is that it gives the students a chance to know their professors and faculty members very well.

Confidence and attention are two things the international students are in dire need of when they join the college. Because of this low student to faculty ratio, the students at Washington State University get the proper amount of attention and guidance that they need. Whenever they need a little help with one of their subjects or guidance regarding the research that they are conducting, they can easily get in touch with their professors or mentors outside of the classroom. At times, the academic pressure in college can be way too much for the students to handle. In fact, for the international students, when it gets coupled with already existing apprehensions, it becomes even more difficult to deal with. In such times, getting in touch with your professors can prove to be of great help.

  1. A big number of student clubs and organizations

At Washington State University, there are more than 330 registered student-run organizations and clubs. In other words, there is something for everyone here. No matter where you come from, no matter what your interests and hobbies are, you will surely find a club or organization of your choice at WSU. Even if you don’t find one for yourself, you can always start a new one. Although these clubs are quite a significant feature of a university, they are quite important for international students.

With these clubs, international students can actively engage in sports or activities of their choice and feel at home. Since they are student-run, they also present opportunities for leadership to the students. Moreover, the students also meet the local students and develop friendships that go a long way in making them feel comfortable on the campus and confident in the college.

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