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Brown University Overview:

Founded in the year 1764 in the historic city of Providence, Rhode Island stands an Ivy League institution, the seventh oldest university in the whole of the United States of America which provides courses for both undergraduate and graduate students. The university has a mission to serve the world and its people with help of communication and the art of preserving knowledge to make students efficient enough to live their lives as responsible citizens. The basic idea that kick-started this institution is that they never discriminated for the admissions of prospective students on the basis of their religious background. The major belief on which Brown university works is to reform the world and make an advancement in the life of people with the help of knowledge and education. One of the striking things about Brown university is that it remains strong on the admission criteria for the undergraduate students. Having students from almost every state of the United States of America and more than 115 countries, Brown is for sure a diverse university. The number of programs ranges from 81 for the undergraduates, 32 for the graduate programs and 52 for the students wanting to pursue doctoral studies.

History of Brown University

From observing the history of Brown University, it can be concluded that it is a university inscribed with a promise of continued academic excellence. The official records date back to almost a quarter to a millennium. In the spring of 1764, the legislature was assigned to open the first university in New England and the seventh in the USA. With having only one student in the first year, the first student of the university was William Rogers who was the only student for the first year of the university. He was under the guidance of James Maning also the president and graduated in the year of 1769. Later on, when the number of students slightly increased to 7, commencements were started in the university and from there rose the ritual of commencements but soon due to some of the local people, there were conflicts to change the location of the Baptist church to somewhere permanent which was sorted out soon. The university was often known by for the brown family and their four sons who were very closely attached to the university from the starting years itself. One astonishing fact about the university is that during the time of war, the troops seized the place and the then president, Manning published a notice that the university will remain closed. After nearly half a decade later after being used as military hospital and barracks for the American troops, the college reopened. It was in the eighteenth century when the number of admissions rose to nearly 100. Since then there had been no setback for the college which resulted in the completion of various milestones like the first women student to the first Asian student to graduate from the same. In the year 2010, an engineering college was also opened in the brown university.

Administrative Hierarchy: It has been often said that an organization without an administrative staff is like a human body without a spinal cord, there would be no balance between the different functioning parts if it is not for the administrative staff.

Corporation: the primary body that governs’s the Brown University is the corporation. Having a total of 42 trustees and 12 fellow members, they meet almost 3 times per year discussing some of the major issues like that of academic affairs or to talk to the management staff.

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President: Also known as the chief executive officer, Christina Paxon being the 19th president of the Brown University, handles each and every department of the organization and she is also the chief ambassador of the university.

Senior staff: This portion includes deans from various portions of the staff that is necessary for the international divisions to the finance department and the political people of the University.

Academics: With an option of more than 2000 courses given to the students of various trades in one year, Brown University is a great attraction for students from all over the globe who have the willingness to create some meaning out of their lives. The reason Brown’s students are at par with the requirements of today’s world is that during the master's program, the students work in the field with their professors who are the pioneers in the very same field. There is a library which houses more than 6.8 million printed documents for the benefit and use of children and also there are electronic reading systems too. A school for engineering was opened in the year 2010 and in 2013, a school of public health too.

Courses and tuition fee: There are a variety of courses that are offered by the brown university that range from graduate, undergraduate and doctoral programs. For specific programs under each section, it is advised to visit the university website. The average tuition fee for an undergraduate program is $53,419. With a ranking of 14 in the national universities and so many courses on the plate, it is one of the best colleges of all time and hence has so many admissions each year and it should be of no surprise that these numbers keep on increasing each and every year. With an admission percentage of 9, the minimum SAT scores required by any student apart from excellent letters that are asked by the institution are as follows:

  1. Math: 670-780
  2. Reading: 670-780
  3. Writing: 660-770

With so many people listed in the notable Alumni column, it would be disrespect to one if we miss any, hence to see the whole of the list, please visit the college and university website.

Life at Brown and around the city: When asked, the students always told that the life at this university has a fun in its own busy style. There are so many student activities and clubs that keep the campus more refreshing and always in a buzz which has its own energy and vibe. Each day students are given new tasks which makes them busy while doing something they are passionate about. The ideology that holds Brown is that if the students eat well and sleep well, they will certainly perform well in the class and ultimately in the life, they are gonna live ahead of the university. There are two big Eating halls that serve all the meals for the day and are loaded with snacks and midnight munchies. The life in and around the city is also very good because the life around the university is so busy that the students never run out of supplies and are never bored either.

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