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California State University, or as most people know it, CSU is the second largest campus to be there in the list of campuses residing in the California state university with an area of almost 119 hectares and trust me that is a lot of areas considering a college campus. The precise location of this institute falls about ninety miles to the up of a place called as Sacramento. The initial work on the construction of the building for the same started somewhere around the month of September in the year 1887. During the initial years, the whole campus was just three floors and a basement in the same. In the year 1927, due to an unfortunate fire accident, the building got burnt down and it was after two years that the construction for the same started in the year 1929 and the location was chosen to be that of a normal school for the students. One of the oldest buildings to be recorded in this campus is the Colusa hall which was earlier used for the conduction of classes on the topics like arts and drawing of industrial structures and was built in the year 1921 but nowadays, the same is just used when a large space is needed for some kind of gathering. The California State University, Chico is known for its well-respected presidents, the first one being Mr Edward Timothy who was there from the year 1889- 1893 till the present one who has been serving since the year 2016, Mr Gayle E Hutchinson. The campus is also known for some of the very notable alumni like Ms Annette Abbott Adams who was the first female Assistant Attorney General of the United States. Talking about the number of students that enrolled in the same in the year 2016 were almost above seventeen thousand and the total staff for the same year being 997. It was observed that the total number of enrolment for the undergraduate programs were much more than that as compared to the postgraduate programs of the institute. It was a surprising fact to us when we came to know that the institute does not offer courses for doctoral studies.

History and Initial construction of California State University, Chico: The initial point for this institute was when the choice for a new branch of the California school, of administrative people, was Chico and the action was so quick that within a period of four weeks, the construction started when someone from the state donated almost 8 acres of land for the same. and within 2 years, that is in 1889 the admission for the first batch started which got in almost 90 children and within one year of the opening of the institute, the library was constructed and had almost 350 books in the same. The first graduation from the California State University, Chico was in the year 1891 when a batch of 15 students passed out from the institute. With the tasing of time, more and more land was donated in the name of the institute so that space could be enlarged and make the institute, even more, spacier than before because, with passing years, the number of students enrolling in the same started to increase exponentially. As years passed, the name of the institute kept on changing due to various reasons. The mascot of the institute is a wildcat and was chosen in the year 1924 and hasn’t been changed since then.

Student life in Chico: University life is when the student is able to get the exposure that is needed for one to grow academically as well as socially and we think that the California State University, Chico provides them all with a wide range of programs that it offers. There is a huge list of student activities that these organizations provide to the students so that they can open up and participate in whatever program they like. Talking about the athletics department of the same, the institute takes part in regular sports competitions and students have also represented the institute in many national programs and competitions.

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