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New York University [NYU]

Overview: New York University is a private nonprofit publicly funded university which was established in the year 1831 with the prime campus situated in Manhattan and the rest of the colleges and campuses spread over the entire city. Although the name is New York University, it is not just based out of New York but has huge campuses across the globe in places like Abu Dhabi, Shanghai, Paris, France, London and many more. The globally known university has some of the most notable alumni consisting of 38 people who have won a Nobel prize, 30 people have won the Pulitzer Prize along with 30 who have won various academy awards. The alumni also have some members who went on to become the CEO of fortune 500 companies and astronauts. As far as the ranking of the university goes, its various schools have been ranked at various positions around the globe by a huge number of ranking authorities, be it the school of engineering, the school of law or the New York University business school.

History of New York University

The planning of the University began in the year 1830 when the secretary of the treasure disclosed his idea about opening a university in a city that was growing at such a high pace and there was so much for the people to learn. The first convention for the planning was held in the same year and an approximate of 100 delegates attended the same. The thinking behind the same was that the city has a lot of young people who were looking to get an opportunity to showcase their talent and learn from the best.  Alberta Gallin was appointed as the first president of the first college that opened in the campus in the year 1831. The major contribution for the opening of the college in such a small time could be given to the highly regarded residents of the city. The very first classes in the same held somewhere near the city hall in small rented rooms where the professors used to teach the handful of students they had. In the year 1917, there was seen a significant amount of increase in the total number of enrolments with an all-time high of 9300. This rise in the number of enrolments resulted in the purchase of a new campus because the earlier one was now overcrowded. In the year 1973, there was a very strange recession which resulted in the president of the NYU to sell their campus to the City University Of New York. Since the 1980’s there have been campaigns in order to improve and get new facilities for the students and as well as the faculty.

New York University Assignment Help

University Logo: The inspiration of the logo is taken from the statue of liberty and the upright torch was chosen to be the logo of the university. One theory as to why the colour is purple is because there are a lot of purple flowers growing here and there in the city of Washington hence the colour of the logo should also be purple in colour while others propose that it has something related to ancient Greece and how it was the education capital of the world at that time.

Fundraising: New York University has conducted some very successful fundraising campaigns in the past including a 2.5 billion USD campaign which was started to increase the facilities for the faculty and it surpassed the expected help to 3 Billion USD in just 7 years making it one of the most successful campaigns of the New York University of all times. The New York University has seen many successful campaigns where they worked for hiring additional faculty for the betterment of the students or brought in new facilities for the faculty. The New York University stands at number 19 on the list of most wealthy universities with a total net worth of 5.3 billion USD.

Reasons to choose New York University:

  1. The first reason to choose New York University over any other university over the globe is that it is in New York. There is a whole lot of explanation as to why is New York the most favorable and chosen city to spend a quality life on earth. The culture, the environment, the ambiance and many more factors inspire the people and motivate them to work even harder and become the best version of themselves. The multicultural environment helps people learn about different kinds of people and as the saying goes that when we meet someone, we always learn something from them and isn’t that what life means? learn and grow to become the best and the most hardworking person you know.
  2. The other important factor that makes the student choose New York University over any other university in the world is because of the quality professor that this university provides to the students. Their type of faculty is rare to find who dedicate their time and effort into making someone else’s life better by teaching them with not just knowledge but also the years of experience they have gained throughout their lives. The fact that the New York university spends tons of money on the faculty and to bring new facilities for the teachers, it resides some of the best faculty who are expert in their specific fields and the best the world can get,
  3. The third and another important factor that makes students stick to this university are that the alumni that this university holds and this helps further to make connections in the corporate world for people who seek a job or even when you open your own company, good contacts are one thing that helps in both cases.

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Student life in New York City

It is still a dream for many to visit the best and the most technically advanced city in this world. This is the one city where an individual cannot get bored with anything. Be it food, Lifestyle, shopping, traveling or any other thing you ask for. The diverse and rich culture makes people engaged in various kinds of tasks and keeps them busy while they enjoy their lives. In a survey conducted to choose for the most favorable city, New York was on top of it. Since it is one of the most important cities of The United States of America, there is never a shortage of anything to the students and they can live their life to the fullest with the things around them. There are a lot of student activity clubs around the campus that help them meet people with similar interests and they can learn a lot from each other and share their opinions on the thing they like mutually. Nowadays, with the help Assignmenthelp, the students live a very relaxed life in their colleges as compared to the earlier times when they had tons of homework and essay writing to do for the college and they were not able to enjoy their time in such a great city but this problem has been solved by Assignmenthelp who deliver assignments that are free from plagiarism and totally confidential with the best rates available in the whole of the  United States. They have hired experts from around the world who write those assignments for the students at a very nominal fee.

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