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A brief introduction:

The University of New Hampshire, or as it is more commonly known, UNH, is one of the public research universities in the United States of America with its main campus located in Durham, New Hampshire. Established in the year 1866 as a land grant college in connection with Dartmouth College, the university has been around for quite some time now and has developed quite an appeal among students all over the world. It has a 150-year long tradition of delivering quality research, learning, and experiences in order to bring together students, researchers, faculty members, and many other bodies to create avenues for the growth of individuals and opportunities. The university has a record of creating life-changing opportunities for the students. This is one of the major reasons for it to receive so many applications from the international pool of applicants.

At the time of its establishment, in the year 1866, the university was founded as the New Hampshire College of Agriculture and the Mechanic Arts. It was even officially associated with Dartmouth College and was directed by the president of Dartmouth. Consequently, a bill was signed that authorized the college’s move to Durham and it was in the year 1893 that the university moved to Durham. The first className of the college in Durham was made up of 51 freshmen and 13 upperclassmen. Thirty years later, in the year 1923, the college has renamed the University of New Hampshire.

Courses to study at the University of New Hampshire:

The University of New Hampshire is composed of as many as eleven colleges and graduate schools. Therefore, one can imagine the diversity that the institute has to offer to its students, in terms of the courses, subjects, disciplines, and streams. The university is the flagship institute of the University System of New Hampshire and is, therefore, one of the best universities in the state. The diversity in courses and disciplines that the university has to offer can be estimated by the fact that there are as many as 200-degree programs in over 100 majors for the students to choose from. The catalog covers almost every subject that a student can think of. Thus, it can be said that the university has something for people of all interests.

The colleges and schools that the university is made up of are:

  • College of Liberal Arts (COLA)
  • University of New Hampshire School of Law
  • Carsey School of Public Policy
  • College of Health and Human Services (CHHS)
  • College of Life Sciences and Agriculture (COLSA)
  • College of Engineering and Physical Sciences (CEPS)
  • School of Marine Science and Ocean Engineering
  • Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics (PCBE)
  • University of New Hampshire Graduate School
  • Thompson School of Applied Science (TSAS)
  • The University of New Hampshire at Manchester (UNHM)

Moreover, the university is also a member of the New England Board of Higher Education’s New England Regional Student Program (NERSP). It is a group of public universities and colleges that offer a number of undergraduate courses and even provides special consideration to the students from other New England states.

One can find a great range of excellent programs on subjects like oceanography and marine biology. This is made possible due to the coastal proximity of the university as it allows them to run different facilities like Shoals Marine Laboratory and Estuarine Laboratory.

The university also offers many exciting opportunities for students who wish to study abroad through managed programs, approved programs, and exchange programs. There are as many as 22 study abroad programs run by the university that give the students a chance to study in locations like Budapest, Scotland, London, Japan, India, South Africa, and many more.

Currently, the university is home to more than 13,000 undergraduate students, 2,400 graduate students, and many others enrolled in several online programs run by the university.

Collaboration with Navitas:

What is Navitas?

Navitas is an organization with a global presence that works in the field of higher education. The primary function that the organization carries out is that it tries to increase the access of students all around the world to quality higher education. It works in many ways to prepare the students in different countries for higher education and also provides them with quality assistance and help them to lead successful and desired careers. The organization has been around for quite a time now and has grown immensely in terms of presence. As of now, Navitas has collaborations and partnerships with colleges and universities in as many as 30 countries of the world.

Primarily, Navitas is seen by the organizations as a reliable partner for all the institutes and colleges who intend to bring diversity to their student population. The students also look at Navitas as an organization that can help them in their aim to internationalize their academic careers. Over the years, Navitas, as an organization, has helped and assisted a lot of colleges, organizations, universities, and institutes around the world in accelerating the process of their internationalization and bringing diversity to their student population in a quick span of time.

Global Student Success Program in association with Navitas:

In association with Navitas, the University of New Hampshire offers a Global Student Success Program (GSSP). The program has been designed keeping all the requirements and the convenience of the students in mind. The university offers this program at both the undergraduate and the graduate level. The program can be looked at as a pathway to the course and the university of their choice for the students. The undergraduate program is equivalent to the first year of the full-time degree at the university in the same course. On the other hand, the graduate students who pursue the Global Student Success Program earn 9 credits towards their graduate degree at the university. Upon successful completion of the program, the undergraduate students get promoted to the second year of their undergraduate degree at the university and the graduate students also get admission to the university. Not just this, the program also provides the students with all the elements that they need to successfully pursue their degree at the University of New Hampshire. It is one of the best and easiest ways in which a student can earn a direct entry into the second year of the degree or the program of their choice at the university.

The GSSP is meant for all the students who wish to pursue the degree of their choice in the United States but do not take the necessary steps in this direction because of the fears or apprehensions that they have. GSSP can be looked at as a convenient option for all the students who are worried about how they will survive at a university away from their homeland. The reason behind this fear can be the lack of proficiency in the English language. Moreover, there are some students who do apply for admission but find themselves unable to bag a seat. For such students, an alternative pathway like the Global Student Success Program proves to be highly beneficial.

Reasons for international students to attend the University of New Hampshire:

The prestige associated with the college that you attend or the light in which the world looks at your place of education can have a mammoth of impact on the path of your career and the quality of opportunities that you get. Therefore, deciding where to attend college is one of the most important decisions that a student takes. Because of the importance attached to this decision, the process of taking it obviously turns out to be quite difficult. If you are planning to attend college within your country, then there are chances that you have a fair idea of what is the quality of education that a college imparts. Having this knowledge makes it easier for you to decide.

However, in the case of an international student, things are a bit different. The stakes are always higher for international students and they are always at a disadvantage. For starters, taking admission to a college away from your home country requires you to make a huge transition. Needless to say, this transition is never easy for students. However, people tend to think that it is no big deal. One has to understand that there are a lot of fears and apprehensions involved in the process. In addition to this, there is a lot of curiosity involved too. All of this, when added together, does not make up for a steady and calm mind ready to make a huge life decision. In such a state of mind, it is difficult for the students to identify the things that will prove to be a bit beneficial for them or will make them stay comfortable during their college years.

Well, here are some of the things or elements that make the University of New Hampshire a prime choice among the international students:

  1. Diversity in the student population

Are you worried about the reception you’ll get at your new university? Do you feel that you’ll be the only international student on campus and will feel like being stranded on a deserted island despite being among thousands of students? Well, you drop all thoughts like these because diversity is one of the main characteristics of the student population at the University of New Hampshire. The university has more than thirteen thousand students in the entire student body. This population includes students from all the fifty states of the United States of America and as many as 70 countries of the world.

Therefore, it can be said that as soon as you step on the campus, you’ll feel like home. There is not even the slightest chance that you will feel like a stranger. Students from so many countries really help an international student as these students share the same kind of fears, apprehensions, and confusion. Because of such a diverse student population, you do not feel alien and it becomes very easy for you to amalgamate in the culture and the tradition of the campus. It saves you from the loneliness that would trouble you on a campus with no diversity at all in the population.

  1. A huge number of student organizations

This is another factor that makes the University of New Hampshire a preferable choice for not just the local students but also international students. The university has more than 275 student-run organizations. One can imagine the kind of opportunities that the place has to offer.

Immense diversity in the student population means that there will be people with different interests on the campus. And it becomes the responsibility of the college or university to cater to these interests. Well, the University of New Hampshire completes this job quite well. A staggering 275 student-run organizations mean that there is something for everyone. People of all interests will surely find something for themselves here. Whether you are a debater or painter, whether you like to perform on stage or go to the theatre, or even if you are someone who is into sports, the university has a club that you can join.

These student organizations prove more beneficial than one might think. They give the international students the much-needed chance to settle at the university and begin to finally feel like home. In these clubs, the new students get to meet others and form friendships easily, which adds to their experience on campus and makes them comfortable.

  1. A 12:1 student to faculty ratio

The University of New Hampshire has a student to faculty ratio as low as 12 to 1. This is despite the university having as many as thirteen thousand students. What this means that all the students get that extra attention in the classroom that every student long for. In addition to this, it allows the faculty to form a good rapport with the students and to know them on a personal level. This proves to be really beneficial for international students as they can go to their professors or mentor whenever they need to talk to them outside of the classroom.

Moreover, getting good attention from the faculty members always proves to be helpful for the students as it fills them with confidence and helps them to improve in academics. However, in the case of international students, this attention goes a long way in providing them confidence and making them comfortable in their new college or university.

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