Marshall University

Study abroad at Marshall University:

A brief introduction:

One of the first public institutions to have been established in West Virginia, Marshall University is a renowned university. Founded in the year 1837 as the Marshall Academy, this public research university is located in Huntington, West Virginia. The university is named after the fourth Chief Justice of the United States, John Marshall. Twenty years later, in the year 1858, the institute became the Marshall College, and then three more years later, the institute finally obtained the university status in the year 1861.

The university is on the rise and has been gaining an enormous reputation in recent years. The institute is quite popular among international students and receives a decent number of applications from students all over the world every year. The university is widely regarded for the good quality of education that it imparts to the graduates. The prestige of the institute can be estimated by the decent rankings that the programs offered manage to grab every time.

Over the years, Marshall University has gained a reputation for producing graduates who can cope up with the serious challenges that the world of today poses in front of them. The institute is home to as many as 14,000 students.

Courses offered:

Marshall University offers courses relating to multiple disciplines. Currently, the university is made up of nine undergraduate colleges:

  • Lewis College of Business
  • College of Arts and Media (COAM)
  • College of Educational and Professional Development (COE)
  • College of Information Technology and Engineering (CITE)
  • College of Science (COS)
  • University College
  • College of Arts and Media (COAM)
  • College of Health Professions (COHP)
  • Honors College

The university has three graduate colleges as well:

  • General Graduate College
  • School of Pharmacy
  • Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine

Just by looking at the names of these colleges, one can come to the conclusion that the university offers courses across a highly wide range of disciplines. The programs range through courses like applied mathematics, anthropology, public relations, chemical sciences, accounting, engineering, economics, chemistry, communication, English, geography, theatre, music, medicine, humanities, management, and many more.

In simple words, Marshall University offers almost all the conventional courses that a student can think of and even some unconventional ones. Besides the schools that are mentioned above, the university also has a regional center for cancer research.

Almost all the programs that are offered by the university are of top quality and they provide the students with all the skills that they require to cope with the world. The center for cancer research has a national reputation for its programs in rural healthcare delivery.

One interesting fact to know is that the digital forensics program offered by the university is the first program in the world to have received accreditation from the Forensic Science Education Programs Accreditation Commission (FEPAC) in digital forensics. Moreover, the forensic science graduate program is one of the only twenty post-graduate level academic programs in the country to be accredited by the American Academy of Forensic Sciences.

Another remarkable fact about the university is that the Lewis College of Business is amongst the only 1% of business schools in the world to have achieved AACSB accreditation in Business and Accounting.

Reasons for international students to attend Marshall University:

Most of the time, the possibility or prospect of studying away from home seems to be really tempting to a student. But the truth is that it is not as easy as the students might believe it to be. For the students who have been seldom on a trip out of their country, it turns out to be even more challenging.

Even if the study destination is the home country, the task of deciding where to attend college can prove to be a really daunting one. If the student does not have proper guidance while taking the decision, the process can yield a lot of stress and tension. But for an international student, the decision is always more difficult to take. There are a lot of factors that an international student has to take into account that a native or local student does not need to. Also, there is fear, apprehensions, confusion, and a great deal of anxiety involved in the process. After all, the decision is probably one of the most important ones that a student takes in his entire academic career. If one looks at it, the entire path of the life forward depends a lot on this one decision. We all have a list of qualities in our heads as to what elements or qualities our college should have. But most of the time, it is not possible to find an ideal institute.

However, Marshall University has most of the qualities that an international student or any student for that matter would want to see in his college.

Here are some of the reasons as to why you would want to attend Marshall University:

  1. Small className size

One of the first things that a student wants in any classroom that he sits is attention. All of us, as students, want the professor to pay some extra attention to us and help us understand things in a better way. At Marshall, you get to study and attend lectures of the best professors in their field of study. The professors at Marshall really care for the students they teach. Moreover, the className sizes at Marshall University are pretty small. Thanks to a small size, the students at Marshall get the kind of attention that he needs. The professors at Marshall have the opportunity to spend more time and attention per student in their classes.

As an international student, you join a classroom with may apprehensions already in your mind. In such a case, getting that extra bit of attention from your professor can make your day and also fill you up with the confidence that you would need to spend your time comfortably. This small className size helps all the students but when it comes to the international students, it is nothing short of a boon.

  1. A high range of resources

For an international student, studying abroad is not just fun. Even if one or two student looks at it like that, it does not take away from the fact that for a student who comes from Asia or Africa, studying in a country like America is a huge investment in monetary terms. After making such an investment, a student would want to achieve academic success in college. At Marshall University, a student gets access to abundant resources to ensure academic success.

The university offers free tutoring to the students who need it. Besides this, the university also runs a writing center that assists all the students on campus in whatever they may need.

The Drinko Library runs a Textbook Loan Program that allows the students to take books from the library to className, which ends up being a really big help to the students. Moreover, the students have the option to avail of counseling services whenever they need right on campus. The college makes sure that the students can avail these services any time. In simple words, at Marshall University, if a student needs something in terms of college or classes in general, there is a provision in place to help the student get it.

  1. A beautiful campus

No matter how low it is on your list, beautiful campus is something that everybody wants. And especially if you are leaving everything to travel to a different country and study, you would not want to do it in a small and average looking campus. Besides being really attractive, the campus of Marshall University is also based on a highly convenient setup. It is easy for the students at the university to travel from one end of the campus to another in just ten minutes or at times, even less.

On days when you are already running behind on deadlines and running short of time, this turns out to be a very big blessing. On these days, you do not want to waste much time in commuting from one place to another inside the campus only. Although the campus is relatively smaller, the students at Marshall still get the feeling of living on a huge campus and attending a large university. Every day, you can walk around on the campus and you will surely come across faces that you would not have seen before.

The campus at Marshall University is pretty amazing and as a student, you are bound to fall in love with it as you spend more and more time at the university.

Prospects for international students at Marshall University:

Marshall University has been rising in terms of prestige and reputation in recent years. It has gained a reputation for providing all the facilities and resources to the students no matter where they come from. But for the international students, there is something more than this that needs to be there for the students to enjoy good prospects there.

One needs to understand that most of the international students arrive at a college with fears, apprehensions, and confusion. A student has fear of moving to a different place, moving to a new institute, and having new encounters.

Once the college is decided, almost all the time of an international student goes into thinking about the kind of life he is going to lead while in college.

At Marshall University, international students enjoy amazing prospects. Here are some of the reasons why:

  1. Diversity

For an international student, studying with a diverse student body really helps. The best part about the diversity in a student body is that an international student no longer feels like an outsider. And at Marshall University, diversity is one of the main focuses. The environment of the university is such that it celebrates everyone. It always helps for an international student to know that there are many other students on campus who are having the same experiences as him. It fills the students with the kind of confidence that they need to lead their college life with comfort.

The university holds educational panels that are specially meant to give the students the opportunity to learn about cultures that they never would come to know about otherwise. The university has a student population that is made up of people from as many as 56 countries all over the world. No matter where you come from, what color skin you have, what religion you practice, Marshall university gives you the chance to thrive, grow, and develop as a person and as an individual.

  1. A huge number of organizations

Another thing that boosts up the international students is getting to know other students and become an integral part of the college. One of the best ways to do so is to join an organization or a student club. Marshall University has as many as 230 recognized student organizations. Such a high number of student organizations means that no matter where you come from and what your interests are, there is always some group that you will find interesting. There are academic organizations, social groups, sports clubs, and much more.

Because of these clubs, the students also get to have an amazing life while living on the campus. Joining an organization really helps the international students settle down and begin to feel like home, which is something that every international student needs desperately.

  1. Great rankings

No international student leaves his country just for a change of scene. As students, we all want to study in a college that has a good reputation, that is considered prestigious, and provides good quality of education. As already mentioned above, Marshall University has been on the rise in terms of reputation. The institute has been able to grab very high rankings in recent years.

In the ‘Best Colleges 2019’ rankings released by the U.S. News & Report, Marshall University was placed at the 14th spot among the top public schools in the south. Buzzfeed recently ranked the university at the very top in terms of most beautiful college campuses in West Virginia. The university also managed to grab the 4th spot among the list of 50 best online MBA programs. Moreover, several other online and classroom programs offered by the university also managed to grab top rankings in various lists.

For an international student, it helps a lot to know that your college has decent rankings and that your degree is worth the effort.

Overall, Marshall University is a decent institute and it is a nice place to spend three/four quality years of your life.

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