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Brigham young University [BYU]

Brigham young university often referred to as BYU is located in Provo, Utah, United States with a non-official motto: “The Glory of God is intelligence.” It was established on October 16,1875. It is owned and operated by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. The BYU students are required to follow an honor code throughout their life which includes various instructions like Academic honesty, adherence to dress and grooming standards, prohibition on consumption of drugs and alcohol etc. This college is based on the religious norms. The fee at BYU is very less. It is a private research university with approximate 29,672 students and 1,264 full-time and 486 part-time academic staff. The BYU is also known as Cougars. The BYU’s sports team compete in Division I of NCAA and are known as BYU Cougars.

The BYU has given many scholars over the years. BYU has produced 10 Rhodes Scholars,four Gates Scholars in the last six years, and in the last decade has claimed 41 Fulbright scholars and 3 Jack Kent Cooke scholars. It has a notable alumnus like Stephenie Meyer (Author of Twilight series), Kevin Rollins (Former CEO of Dell), Aaron Eckhart (Hollywood Actor).

The schools and colleges covered under Brigham Young University are:

  1. David O.McKay School of Education
  2. Ira A. Fulton College of Engineering and Technology
  3. College of Family, Home and Social Sciences
  4. College of Fine Arts and Communications
  5. BYU Graduate Studies
  6. College of Humanities
  7. J. Reuben Clark Law School
  8. College of Life Sciences
  9. Marriott School of Management
  10. College of Religious Education
  11. College of Nursing
  12. College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences

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There are total 287 courses offered by Brigham Young University:

  1. Accounting (BS)
  2. Acting (BFA)
  3. Actuarial Science (Minor)
  4. Actuarial Science (BS)
  5. Advertising Design (Minor)
  6. Aerospace Studies (Minor)
  7. Africana Studies (Minor)
  8. American Studies (BA)
  9. Ancient Near Eastern Studies (Minor)
  10. Ancient Near Eastern Studies: Greek New Testament (BA)
  11. Ancient Near Eastern Studies: Hebrew Bible (BA)
  12. Animation (BFA)
  13. Anthropology (Minor)
  14. Anthropology (Socio-cultural Double Major) (BA)
  15. Anthropology: Archaeology (BA)
  16. Anthropology: Sociocultural (BA)
  17. Applied Physics (BS)
  18. Arabic (Minor)
  19. Arabic Language (BA)
  20. Art (Minor)
  21. Art (BFA)
  22. Art (BA)
  23. Art Education (Minor)
  24. Art Education K-12 (BA)
  25. Art History & Curatorial Studies (BA)
  26. Art History & Curatorial Studies (Minor)
  27. Asian Studies (Minor)
  28. Asian Studies: China Studies (BA)
  29. Asian Studies: Japan Studies (BA)
  30. Asian Studies: Korea Studies (BA)
  31. Astronomy (Minor)
  32. Athletic Training (BS)
  33. Ballroom Dance (Minor)
  34. Biblical Hebrew (Minor)
  35. Biochemistry (BS)
  36. Bioinformatics (BS)
  37. Biological Science Education (BS)
  38. Biology (BS)
  39. Biophysics (BS)
  40. Chemical Engineering (BS)
  41. Chemistry (Minor)
  42. Chemistry (BS)
  43. Chemistry (BA)
  44. Chemistry Education (Minor)
  45. Chemistry Education (BS)
  46. Chinese (BA)
  47. Chinese (Minor)
  48. Chinese Teaching (Minor)
  49. Civic Engagement Leadership (Minor)
  50. Civil Engineering (BS)
  51. Classical Studies (Greek option) (Minor)
  52. Classical Studies (Latin option) (Minor)
  53. Classical Studies: Classical Civilization (BA)
  54. Classical Studies: Classics (BA)
  55. Classical Studies: Greek Emphasis (BA)
  56. Classical Studies: Latin Emphasis (BA)
  57. Commercial Music (BM)
  58. Communication Disorders (BS)
  59. Communications (Minor)
  60. Communications: Advertising (BA)
  61. Communications: News Media (BA)
  62. Communications: Public Relations (BA)
  63. Comparative Literature (BA)
  64. Computer Engineering (BS)
  65. Computer Science (Minor)
  66. Computer Science (BS)
  67. Computer Science Teaching (Minor)
  68. Computer Science: Animation (BS)
  69. Computer Science: Bioinformatics (BS)
  70. Conservation Biology (BS)
  71. Construction and Facilities Management: Construction Management (BS)
  72. Construction and Facilities Management: Facilities Management (BS)
  73. Contemporary Dance (Minor)
  74. Creative writing (Minor)
  75. Dance (BA)
  76. Dance Education K-12 (BA)
  77. Design (Minor)
  78. Design: Graphic Design (BA)
  79. Design: Illustration (BA)
  80. Design: Photography (BA)
  81. Dietetics (BS)
  82. Digital Humanities and Technology (Minor)
  83. Dual-Language Immersion K-12 Teaching (Minor)
  84. Early Childhood Education (BS)
  85. Earth & Space Science Education (BS)
  86. Economics (Minor)
  87. Economics (BS)
  88. Editing (Minor)
  89. Electrical Engineering (BS)
  90. Elementary Education (BS)
  91. English (BA)
  92. English (Minor)
  93. English Language (BA)
  94. English Teaching (BA)
  95. English Teaching (Minor)
  96. Environmental Science (Minor)
  97. Environmental Science (BS)
  98. European Studies (BA)
  99. European Studies (Minor)
  100. Exercise & Wellness (BS)
  101. Exercise Science (BS)
  102. Family & Consumer Sciences Education (BS)
  103. Family History - Genealogy (Minor)
  104. Family History - Genealogy (BA)
  105. Family Life (Minor)
  106. Family Life: Family Studies (BS)
  107. Family Life: Human Development (BS)
  108. Finance (BS)
  109. Food Science (BS)
  110. French (BA)
  111. French (Minor)
  112. French Studies (BA)
  113. French Teaching (BA)
  114. French Teaching (Minor)
  115. General Studies: American Studies (BGS)
  116. General Studies: English (BGS)
  117. General Studies: Family Life (BGS)
  118. General Studies: History (BGS)
  119. General Studies: Management (BGS)
  120. General Studies: Psychology (BGS)
  121. Genetics & Biotechnology (BS)
  122. Geographic Information Systems (Minor)
  123. Geography Teaching (Minor)
  124. Geography: Environmental Studies (BS)
  125. Geography: Geographic Information Systems (BS)
  126. Geography: Geospatial Intelligence (BS)
  127. Geography: Global Studies (BS)
  128. Geography: Tourism Studies (BS)
  129. Geography: Urban & Regional Planning (BS)
  130. Geology (BS)
  131. Geology (Minor)
  132. Geology Teaching (Minor)
  133. Geology: Environmental Geology (BS)
  134. German (Minor)
  135. German Studies (BA)
  136. German Teaching (Minor)
  137. German Teaching (BA)
  138. German: Linguistics (BA)
  139. German: Literature/Film/Culture (BA)
  140. Gerontology (Minor)
  141. Global Business and Literacy (Minor)
  142. Global Studies (Minor)
  143. Graphic Design (BFA)
  144. History (Minor)
  145. History (BA)
  146. History Teaching (Minor)
  147. History Teaching (BA)
  148. Humanities (Minor)
  149. Illustration (BFA)
  150. Industrial Design (BFA)
  151. Information Systems (BS)
  152. Information Technology (BS)
  153. Information Technology (Minor)
  154. Interdisciplinary Humanities (BA)
  155. International Cinema Studies (Minor)
  156. International Development (Minor)
  157. International Relations (BA)
  158. International Strategy and Diplomacy (Minor)
  159. Italian (Minor)
  160. Italian (BA)
  161. Italian Studies (BA)
  162. Japanese (BA)
  163. Japanese (Minor)
  164. Japanese Teaching (Minor)
  165. Korean (BA)
  166. Korean (Minor)
  167. Landscape Management (BS)
  168. Landscape Management (Minor)
  169. Latin American Studies (Minor)
  170. Latin American Studies (BA)
  171. Latin Teaching (Minor)
  172. Latin Teaching (BA)
  173. Legal Studies (Minor
  174. Linguistics (BA)
  175. Linguistics (Minor)
  176. Logic (Minor)
  177. Management (Minor)
  178. Management: Entrepreneurship (BS)
  179. Management: General Business (BS)
  180. Management: Global Supply Chain Management (BS)
  181. Management: Marketing Management (BS)
  182. Management: Organizational Behavior/HR Mgt (BS)
  183. Management: Strategy (BS)
  184. Manufacturing (Minor)
  185. Manufacturing Engineering Technology (BS)
  186. Mathematics (BS)
  187. Mathematics (Minor)
  188. Mathematics Education (BS)
  189. Mathematics Education (Minor)
  190. Mathematics: Applied and Computational Mathematics (BS)
  191. Mechanical Engineering (BS)
  192. Media Arts Studies (BA)
  193. Media Arts Studies (Minor)
  194. Medical Laboratory Science (BS)
  195. Microbiology (Minor)
  196. Microbiology (BS)
  197. Middle East Studies (Minor)
  198. Middle East Studies / Arabic (BA)
  199. Military Science (Minor)
  200. Modern Hebrew (Minor)
  201. Molecular Biology (Minor)
  202. Molecular Biology (BS)
  203. Music (BA)
  204. Music (Minor)
  205. Music Composition (BM)
  206. Music Dance Theatre (BFA)
  207. Music Education: K-12 Choral (BM)
  208. Music Education: K-12 General Music (BM)
  209. Music Education: K-12 Instrumental (BM)
  210. Music Performance: Brass (BM)
  211. Music Performance: Combined Piano & Organ (BM)
  212. Music Performance: Organ (BM)
  213. Music Performance: Percussion (BM)
  214. Music Performance: Piano (BM)
  215. Music Performance: String (BM)
  216. Music Performance: Vocal (BM)
  217. Music Performance: Woodwind (BM)
  218. Native American Studies (Minor)
  219. Neuroscience (BS)
  220. Nonprofit Management (Minor)
  221. Nursing (BS)
  222. Nutrition (Minor)
  223. Nutritional Science (BS)
  224. PE Teaching/Coaching (Minor)
  225. Philosophy (Minor)
  226. Philosophy (BA)
  227. Photography (BFA)
  228. Physical Education Tchg/Coaching (K-12) (BS)
  229. Physics (BS)
  230. Physics (Minor)
  231. Physics Teaching (Minor)
  232. Physics Teaching (BS)
  233. Physics--Astronomy (BS)
  234. Physiology & Developmental Biology (BS)
  235. Political Science (BA)
  236. Political Science (Minor)
  237. Political Science Teaching (Minor)
  238. Political Strategy (Minor)
  239. Portuguese (Minor)
  240. Portuguese (BA)
  241. Portuguese Studies (Secondary Major) (BA)
  242. Portuguese Teaching (Minor)
  243. Psychology (BS)
  244. Psychology (Minor)
  245. Psychology Teaching (Minor)
  246. Public Health: Environmental/Occupational Health (BS)
  247. Public Health: Epidemiology (BS)
  248. Public Health: Health Promotion (BS)
  249. Public Health: Health Science (BS)
  250. Recreation Management: Experience Industry Management (BS)
  251. Recreation Management: Therapeutic Recreation (BS)
  252. Russian (Minor)
  253. Russian (BA)
  254. Russian Teaching (Minor)
  255. Scandinavian Studies (Minor)
  256. School Health Education (Minor)
  257. Sociology (Minor)
  258. Sociology (BS)
  259. Spanish (Minor)
  260. Spanish (BA)
  261. Spanish Studies (Secondary Major) (BA)
  262. Spanish Teaching (Minor)
  263. Spanish Teaching (BA)
  264. Spanish Translation (BA)
  265. Special Education: Mild/Moderate Disabilities (BS)
  266. Special Education: Severe Disabilities (BS)
  267. Statistics (Minor)
  268. Statistics: Applied Statistics & Analytics (BS)
  269. Statistics: Biostatistics (BS)
  270. Statistics: Statistical Science (BS)
  271. Strategy (Minor)
  272. T E S O L (Minor)
  273. Teaching Physical Science (BS)
  274. Teaching Social Science (BS)
  275. Technology & Engineering Education (BS)
  276. TESOL K-12 (Minor)
  277. Theatre Arts Education K-12 (BA)
  278. Theatre Arts Studies (Minor)
  279. Theatre Arts Studies (BA)
  280. Theoretical and Applied Ethics (Minor)
  281. Tourism Studies (Minor)
  282. Urban & Regional Planning (Minor)
  283. Western American Studies (Minor)
  284. Wildlife & Wildlands Conservation (BS)
  285. Women's Studies (Minor)
  286. World Dance (Minor)
  287. Writing and Rhetoric (Minor)

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BYU also has two Satellite Campuses situated at Jerusalem and Salt Lake City.

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