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Hofstra University

Located in Hempstead, New York, Hofstra University is a private institute of education. The roots of this institution date as back as 1935. It originated as an extension of the renowned New York University (NYU) under the name ‘Nassau College- Hofstra Memorial of New York University at Hempstead, Long Island”. The university has come a long way to become the largest private university of Long Island. It was after four years of its origination, i.e. in the year 1939 that Hofstra became an independent institute. It moved forward and in the year 1963, it gained the university status.

Right from the very first day, the college was a coeducational institute. It was in fact founded as a commuter institution and had both day and evening classes. Hofstra University is a known name among the national students as well as the pool of international students. The university comprises of ten schools out of which some are widely recognized as top-quality institutions. The university is also quite popular because of a series of prominent Presidential conferences and also has hosted a number of United States Presidential debates. In the 1960s, the university decided to reorganize its divisions into schools. In the same decade, in the year 1966, the college started offering doctoral degrees to the students. The university also became the site for the New York Jets to hold their summer training camps. These camps were organized inside the campus until the year 2008. Overall, the university has come a long way to become an esteemed institution and developed a decent reputation among the students.

Courses offered:

Hofstra University offers a lot of courses for the applicants to choose from. The university has been accredited by the concerned authorities in as many as 28 academic areas and a total of 32 areas. As a result of this, the university offers as many as 160 undergraduate courses across a wide range of disciplines for the students to choose from. Moreover, there are 170 courses that the university offers.

The university has thirteen schools that offer different courses. One of these schools is the Hofstra University Honors College which is famous for offering rigorous opportunities for education to brilliant students. The School for University Studies is a reputable institution that offers a program to the students whose abilities are not truly reflected in the test scores. The university also has a school of medicine that welcomed its first class in the year 2011. The School of Engineering and Applied Science offers programs and partner with regional industry leaders. School of Health Sciences and Human Services also offers a range of programs to the students.

Most of these schools and programs sit very high among the rankings in their concerned disciplines. This is one of the reasons why the university is gaining prominence and popularity among the international pool of students.

Besides these, the university also houses a number of centers and institutes. Some of them are:

  • Center for Children, Families, and the Law
  • Center for Entrepreneurship
  • Institute of Health Law and Policy
  • Long Island Studies Institute
  • Institute for Real Estate
  • Institute for the Study of Gender, Law, and Policy
  • Center for the Study of Labor and Democracy
  • Center for Technological Literacy
  • Center for Legal Advocacy
  • Center for Educational Access and Success
  • Center for Climate Study
  • Center for Innovation
  • Institute for Forensic Linguistics, Threat Assessment, and Strategic Analysis

Reasons to attend Hofstra University:

It is always difficult for a student to decide where he is going to go to college. It’s probably the most difficult decision that a student has to make up until that age. If the student does not have someone to guide him or to help him make this decision, the entire experience can be pretty daunting. The student can get under a huge amount of stress. Each student has a certain model in his head for his dream college. But most of the times, it is not possible for one to find a college that has all the elements that go into the making of this model.

However, Hofstra University has almost all the elements that any student would want in his dream college.

Hofstra has grown in terms of prestige in recent years. The institute is on the rise and is gaining prominence with each passing day. More and more students are getting attracted to this institute.

Here are some of the reasons why you would want to attend Hofstra University:

  1. Great campus

A good and large campus is something that every student wants from his university. There is a certain feeling associated with living on a huge campus where every building is for you as an opportunity to learn. Well, Hofstra University gets full marks in terms of the campus.

The university has a campus that spans across 244 acres of land. There are 117 buildings located on this campus that cater to the different needs of the students. Moreover, it would be surprising for you to know that the campus has an Arboretum and Bird Sanctuary that have a collection of a wide range of trees along with some really beautiful flowers. The campus is extremely beautiful and in some of the seasons, it becomes a sight not to be missed. The moment you walk into Hofstra University, you are bound to fall in love with the campus and all the buildings located on it. However, since it is as large as 244 acres, you might want to keep a map of the campus handy.

  1. Proximity to the city

Hofstra University is located at a very short distance from New York City. This helps the students in more ways than one can think off the top of his head. First of all, living in such close proximity to the city helps the students to relax whenever they want. As a student, amidst all the projects, assignments, and workload, life can get a bit too stressful at times. In such times, students do need to relax and living near a city like New York comes handy.

Moreover, a city like New York is synonymous with opportunities. If you are in a course that requires you to intern at a reputed organization, it won’t be difficult for you. After all, where would you find better organizations than New York City? Moreover, a city like New York has events organized every day. If you hear about a concert by your favorite artist or a game that you do not want to miss out on, you can always drive to the city and enjoy these experiences. In fact, even if there is no event, you can always go with your friends and just explore the amazing city.

  1. Decent Rankings

The rankings and reputation of the university that a student goes to obviously matters a lot to him. Especially in the case of an international student who leaves everything that he has known since childhood and moves to a different land, among different people in the hope to receive quality education, the rankings of an institute matter a lot.

Well, Hofstra university meets the expectations of most of the students in this regard as well. As already mentioned, the university jumped up the ladder in terms of prestige in recent years. People have begun to count the university among the best of the lot and a lot of students are getting attracted towards the institute.

The university has pretty decent rankings as well. Recently, the U.S. News and World Report ranked the university at the 140th spot among all the national universities in the United States. Also, in the same rankings, the university was ranked at the 77th spot in the list of ‘Best value school’

Prospects for International students:

Hofstra University has been gaining prominence and popularity in the pool of international students. One of the reasons for this is the high quality of prospects that the institute offers to its students.

The average international student is bound to have more stress and tension regarding the choice of his college as compared to a local or native student. The reason is that a native student has to only worry about the kind of education that he is going to get. But an international student has to worry about the environment and the student body of the college as well.

There are certain elements that a university or college needs to have in order to offer good prospects to international students. Hofstra University has most of these elements such as:

  1. Diversity among the students

As an international student, the last thing you want is to step on campus and find out that you are the only one like yourself or that there is nobody else in a situation remotely similar to yours. At Hofstra University, because of the diverse student body, no international student has to feel like this.

The student population of this university comprises students from diverse backgrounds, locations, with various interests. The diversity of this student body can be estimated by the fact that the university contains students from as many as 81 countries of the world. The moment you step on to the campus at Hofstra, you begin to feel at home. People are helpful more than you can expect and everyone makes an attempt to make each other comfortable.
Moreover, having such a diverse student body helps as it makes you feel that there are many people who are feeling the same as you and thus, you feel comfortable.

  1. A great range of events
    At Hofstra, you can find as many as 220 student clubs. Out of these student clubs, 29 are local/national fraternities and sororities. Hundreds of social, academic, and cultural events are organized on campus every year. As a result of this, the students get an amazing life while living on campus. The Hofstra University Museum of Art is nationally accredited and has more than 5,000 works of art that belong to a diverse range of cultures for the students to see. Moreover, the museum offers 4-6 original exhibitions every year with other related programs that the students can attend.

Besides all this, there are many other events that are organized on campus.
These events are crucial for international students as they give even the most introvert of students to know each other. As the students begin to know each other it develops a sense of belonging among them for the campus and university.

  1. Something for everybody

This is absolutely true for Hofstra University. No matter what part of the world you come from, no matter what course you study, and no matter what your interests are, Hofstra University has something to offer to you.

Needless to mention, among such a high number of student clubs of the university, there is hardly any chance for you to not find something that does not interest you. Moreover, the university has great things for people of all interests.

If you are someone who does not like talking to people much and hanging out; in other words, if you are someone who likes to sit in the quiet of the library and study, then Hofstra might just be the place for you. The library at this university contains more than 1 million volumes. The students get round the clock access to more than 200,000 electronic books and 100,000 full-text journals.

If you are someone who takes a deep interest in sports, then there is good news for you. The university has 21 varsity sports. Out of these, 10 are for men and 11 are for women. Moreover, all of these sports compete at the NCAA Division I level in the Colonial Athletic Association.

In the simplest of words, Hofstra University is a pretty decent institute for any international student. No matter where you come from, you are bound to find something or the other that interests you on this beautiful campus among students from a huge range of backgrounds and interests.

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