Every year, several education fairs are held for students. The representatives of a large number of universities and colleges come together to hold a fair that proves to be highly beneficial for students. Many of these are global fairs that occur on a virtual platform, thanks to the post-pandemic world. These fairs range from moderately sized webinars to all packed capacity web fairs. As far as international students are concerned, these fairs help them with many issues, and they are the easiest to attend as they do not require you to travel through thick traffic to go to the venue. You can attend them from the comfort of your home in your pajamas just via your laptop and a stable internet connection.

Why Attend Global Virtual Fairs?

This article aims to put forward some of the reasons why global virtual education fairs are more than worth attending, especially for students who are planning on studying abroad.

  1. Helps before the final decision

Global education fairs are crucial to making some of the most important decisions for your student’s life. Students often struggle to choose between subjects, courses, and career choices. Attending a virtual fair helps increase their understanding of the real-life scenario and helps them in making the right final decision. Several students who do not attend such fairs never get to realize the gravity of their future and thus, end up making a poor decision when it comes to the final choice. Therefore, to avoid such a rookie mistake, every student should attend at least one virtual fair before taking their ultimate decision.

In addition to that, students who take one or more of these virtual education fairs are more mature and focused when the time came to take the final decision, as they were already aware of the market demands. Also, they were more versed in the necessary skill set they needed to meet those demands by attending these fairs. That is another reason to attend such fairs. Moreover, students who are going into some foreign university for higher studies, need to attend at least one of these virtual fairs as otherwise, they have no source to check what the future holds for them once they land in their study destination. International universities are different from domestic ones and only education fairs can provide the closest experience to reality as most of them are visited by representatives of these international universities. Moreover, these fairs can be attended from the home only. Therefore, there is no need to pay for travel or take on the hassle of traffic.

  1. Course insights

This point is especially useful for students moving from school to university. There are no realistic ways to prepare a student going into college because of the vast difference in course materials in schools and universities. Even if you are a domestic student, you need to attend these educational fairs to gain valuable insight into your desired course. Moreover, you may even change your course selection after gaining these insights from these fairs. As far as the international applicants are concerned, these fairs are even more than essential. Even if you go through hours of research about a course in a foreign university, you can’t get a realistic grasp of what to expect, including the course divisions, and the teaching styles of that university. But if you attend one of the virtual fairs, you’ll benefit greatly since many international universities send their representatives to explain to the students their system and curriculum.

Doing so will be the most effective way to get an essential course insight and also to gain insight into the teaching styles adopted and followed at your desired university. Further, you can also make your last-minute decisions with experienced counselors as many of these educational fairs provide free career counseling right at the fairs themselves. Therefore, any student should consider attending at least one virtual educational fair before taking any step in their study lives.

  1. A great event to check eligibility

These educational fairs provide a great opportunity to help you check your eligibility for various courses and institutions in real-time in front of real staff. Although the fair is online, the process isn’t, and therefore, it cannot get stuck. There is hardly any cumbersome process, such as waiting for the service team to check your eligibility status. In most of these educational fairs, you will get free career counseling in which real college staff will help you with the college rules and the course eligibility. Even if there is an entrance test, you can get full information right from the college authorities. Some institutions also take a short test to help you evaluate yourself before you take the actual longer eligibility test. That way you can point out your flaws and work on them before the actual exam and what’s even more exciting is that all of these are for free and since it is a virtual fair, all these free services are also from the comfort of your home!

The reason why checking the eligibility criteria is something important is because it allows you to focus on options that you are eligible for instead of jumping in on all options haphazardly. If you know what you are eligible for, you can prepare and opt for those courses in a much more focused state. On the other hand, if you are not sure by reading the website details about whether you are eligible or not, then these virtual education fairs will be of great help to you. One thing more is that these fairs also help you compare eligible courses side by side in the same fair so that you can make the decision more effectively about what suits you the most. Therefore, students need to attend virtual educational fairs to understand the eligibility criteria of various colleges.

  1. On the spot offer letter

This is another great perk of attending an educational fair. Many different colleges in education fairs are ready to offer the preliminary offer letter if the student meets all of their eligibility criteria and passes a basic short entrance test. Do not worry as these entrance tests are just to help the colleges get a basic understanding of the students and are not that tough to crack. However, these tests are only available to students who attend the fair as at other times, the college authorities will be too busy assessing the thousands of entries submitted otherwise. Therefore, attending a virtual education fair is a great opportunity for students to get into their dream colleges.

Many colleges like Harvard, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford University, and several others from some countries take part in such virtual education fairs around the calendar. In addition to that, many universities also participate in these educational fairs just to screen out students as these are great opportunities to get to know the student pool better. Hence, the students who attend such fairs will naturally be at a considerable advantage of first come and first serve as the seats of these colleges will get booked by the worthy students attending these fairs first.

Also, the screening process is generally very hectic and involves manually going through tons and tons of applications from thousands of students all over the world. On the other hand, screening in these fairs generally is easier as the students are much less in number but are generally very serious about studying. Thus, colleges usually prefer such fairs to select a bulk portion of their student population as these fairs guarantee good student quality along with less stress for the overall selection process for the college administration. Therefore, if you are a student planning to get that extra advantage, then attending these educational fairs will be very beneficial for your future.

  1. Entrance fee waivers

Every international student knows that getting a fee waived off the course is a blessing indeed. And even more so, if you can reduce some of the paperwork that a student usually has to get through. These education fairs present a possibility for the same. Many colleges and universities offer extra fee waiver schemes to attract a considerable number of students. However, these schemes are only available for the time being. So, students who attend these fairs help themselves with this advantage as well.

Further, these colleges are also willing to offer special grants for quick admissions on the spot. Thus, you will find many students enrolling themselves in the fair itself by that option. Once again, the grant is time-sensitive and will be available for only the students who attend these fairs. Hence, it is impossible for students who are not attending the fair to get hold of that grant. The only resort they have is to go through the conventional way and pay the fee in full, without any grants or discounts. Colleges do such things as using these types of educational fairs as a springboard to get to the good students faster proves to be a good idea. It is always a win-win situation as students get a waiver and the colleges get their desired seats filled in long before the academic session begins. Thus, it is not a great idea for any international applicant to miss out on these fairs.

  1. Alumni interactions

This is yet another significant advantage that you can get only at an education fair. Colleges will often advertise their popular alumni and faculties and let students freely interact with them at these education fairs. This is something that will always remain purely exclusive to the fairs as a normal campus visit will rarely involve alumni interaction. Imagine interacting with the Nobel prize-winning Kip Thorne at such a fair. It would be a dream come true for any Physics student willing to further their studies.

Moreover, if you are a student and are having doubts regarding choosing the right course or the right college, this will be a perfect opportunity for you to get critical insights into the kind of environment that college offers. Interacting with the alumni helps to identify the patterns in the college culture and the campus where the students live. In addition to these, if you want to get a look at how these famous alumni studied in their times, you can easily ask them and find out what they did to become so successful and even what habits they avoided in their student lives to be more productive than others. Therefore, if you are a student and you are willing to gain valuable knowledge about the campus lives of various colleges, then attending a virtual education fair is the best option for you.

  1. Informational seminars

Most virtual education fairs host a complimentary free informational seminar involving all the colleges that are participating in it. These informational seminars are really useful for any student who is willing to learn about the details and the intricacies of the course and the college to create the right path for his career. Not only that, but these seminars also provide a great platform to submit the students’ applications to the relevant colleges. As for others who still are a bit confused, these informational seminars provide a solid counseling opportunity for them. Thus, these seminars are multipurpose and can cater to various needs of the students.

In addition to these, the seminars are mostly hosted by eminent personalities from respected colleges, providing free lectures about what to expect from the courses and what should an ideal student do while in the college course. Moreover, they also provide guidance in case a student is lost regarding the final decision and tell him what would be most probably the best option depending on the student’s preference and eligibility. And sometimes, these informational seminars are very useful for students who decided to attend the fair at the last minute and now need admission to a college but do not know anything regarding the admission process. This is because these seminars are designed to provide A to Z guidance to any and every student irrespective of their current understanding of the process. This can only happen in an education fair as no such respected college will host these free seminars by themselves.

In conclusion, students attending these virtual education fairs get the opportunity of a lifetime to get all the details in one seminar, and that too for absolutely free of any cost from the comfort of their own house! So if you are a student, you should never miss out on an opportunity to attend a virtual education fair.