The United States of America has consistently been one of the most sought-after countries when it comes to higher education. But even before all this frenzy regarding education started, the US was the most popular destination of many foreign citizens due to the various opportunities it offers along with the chance of higher education. So much so that the United States has often been termed The Land of Opportunities!

How the United States Offers Opportunities for More Than Just Education?

This article explores the various opportunities the USA offers other than education that make it one of the most sought-after countries in the world.

  1. Greater income opportunities

This is the most sought-after factor for which immigrants travel to the USA every year, apart from education. America is one of those few countries which offer higher pay per person in any role of the economic hierarchy. Moreover, the land of dreams also provides the hope that you can get whatever you want if you work hard enough. Examples of this nature can be found in almost all facets of American society. From factory workers to millionaire actors and world-class sportspersons, everyone will tell you that they worked hard and that is why they are there now. This concept ties well with the higher-income image that America has.

People from all over the planet dream of coming to America as it promises to allow them to shine regardless of their current economic status. If you are hard-working, you will taste successful! This is the mantra of American society. In the USA, even the president has to show up in his office on time and work through the day for the betterment of his country. This gives the population the necessary will to work hard for a living. People around the world hear these stories and are instantly in awe of the American way of thinking and living. They also get their hopes high about working hard and thus earning a higher income. This results in them immigrating to the USA and settling down there. And in this way, the cycle goes on resulting in an annual flux of population migrating to the US for higher incomes.

  1. Equality in all areas of life

The USA leads the world’s list of most liberal countries for this reason alone. It is a country that was built on the foundation of providing equality to all people in all areas of life regardless of their origin, culture, religion, race, caste, and creed. Even the third gender has established themselves as a significant pillar of American society, something which very few countries if any can boast of! In addition to these qualities, the American legislation is designed in such a way that even if you are an immigrant in America, as long as you have the proper paperwork and the visa approved and ready, there will be no distinction between you and a long-time American citizen. This is also another important factor that very few countries around the world can offer.

Along with these facilities, Americans are open-minded in their approach to foreign people and their cultures. Even conservative Americans are careful not to insult other cultures, such as the frequent Mexican immigrants. Most of the USA is totally open to inviting and accepting foreign cultures and somehow incorporating them into their own culture. The most interesting part is that the land of the USA was previously owned by local inhabitants but was mostly jungle. After Columbus visited, this land became flocked with people from different cultures, thus giving rise to the current American society. Thus, the entire American population is a mixed immigrant population and so is the culture here! This is the most probable reason why the USA is so open to new cultures and views every person as equal and treats them the same as well.

  1. Equal pay for all genders

As discussed earlier, American society has long recognized all genders as equals and treats everyone the same. But they did not stop at this step only. They extended the equal approach when it comes to gender in the workplace as well. This concept applied to the workplace resulted in all genders being widely accepted by employers as desirable employees. Moreover, everyone is given equal pay to showcase this equal approach in the workplace. Even non-binary people are welcome to join the workforce and get the same compensation as a male or a female employee by this concept. Recently, Amazon, one of the largest MNCs in the world based in the US, launched its Glamazon program, which celebrates this very concept of equality in the workplace and equal pay for all genders and all sexual orientations, irrespective of their genders or orientations. Many third-gendered people come to the office without having to hide their gender or preferences.

On top of all these achievements, every year throughout June, Americans lead the LGBTQ+ movements in the workplaces around the country to celebrate the equal pay and right that the members of alternative genders and sexual preferences get in their offices. Moreover, if you are an employer and you are found to be discriminating between two or more employees due to their gender and not paying them equally, you are sure to be charged in the American Court of Justice for wrongful workplace behavior and maybe even canceled by society. This equality in the payscale has helped thousands of people who do not conform to the binary gender status of the Conservative society to help themselves financially and even to come out of their shelves and accept themselves as who they are and even be proud of their identities. Thus, America’s concept of equal pay in the workplace has tremendously helped in establishing the alternative genders as a serious part of society in the whole world.

  1. Respect for every job

This is one more thing that Western society has learned from the Americans. This is the concept of paying respect to every little job in society. It is a well-known fact that a huge chunk of American society works in white-collar jobs. Jobs like a janitor, cleaning man, and bricklayers are part and parcel of every society around the world. But in the USA, these jobs are not looked down on like in other countries. Americans understand that people have to do these jobs for paying their bills but also these jobs must be done regularly or else, there will be an imbalance in society. For example, if the cleaning man does not do his job, there will be a high quantity of unwanted garbage piling up in people’s backyards. That is why American society both values and respects all jobs alike.

In addition to that, if you look at the average pay of any janitor in America and then compare it to the average pay of a janitor in a country like India, you will see that the American janitor gets much more remuneration, more sick leaves, and more benefits than that of the Indian janitor. This information reflects how US society sees the janitor’s role as an important and integral part of the hierarchy. Moreover, it is very well known that even people like Jeff Bezos worked part-time waiting tables before setting up his future billion-dollar company, Amazon. A majority of college students in America join McDonald’s or Burger King or KFC to make some part-time pocket money to help pay for their college fees. And yet, these working students are never frowned upon due to working in such jobs. Instead, most people’s careers usually start as waiters in dining restaurants or fast food joints such as Burger King. It is estimated that over 90% of the student population works in such jobs to help pay partially for their college fees or even just to start an income. Thus, no job is looked down upon in the USA.

  1. Higher quality of life

If there is a more popular reason than education as to why people want to settle in the USA, it has to be the high quality of life that the USA promises to provide for every one of its citizens. People here are not only more prosperous but also seem to exert a greater degree of luxury over neighboring countries like Mexico. That is why several people from Mexico cross the border to come to the USA illegally in the hopes of a happier and more prosperous life. It is estimated that most of the students who come to study in the US end up settling down in this country. This is because the US has this global image of being the most well-to-do country when it comes to offering students appropriate jobs and future endeavors.

Another important factor contributing to this global image of the USA is the concept of the American Dream, which states that any man can come over to the US, then study and work hard to build up a successful career, and then settle down in this country with a big mansion, a few luxury cars and lead a happy and wealthy life ever after. The Eastern population has been fed this image of America for decades through various outlets, most popularly Hollywood blockbuster movies, in which every happy and rich person must be settled in the eyes of and according to the American Dream. In addition to these, the global economy is very much influenced by the US economy, for example, the global stock market crashed along with the American economic disaster in 2008. Moreover, economic icons and business tycoons such as Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos are poster boys for entrepreneurs all around the world. Although Dubai alone holds more rich people than the USA, still due to the Internet, the most popular entrepreneurs are from the USA. This entire picture accompanied by the concept of the American Dream and the promise of equality makes the USA the most sought-after country in the world due to its promise of a higher quality of life.

  1. Equal rights to choose

Often known as the power of choice, this right is fundamental to American society and culture. It is well known that kids separate and live independently in the USA once they turn 18. Any kid that does not do this is shunned by his or her peers. This is due to the presence of this right in society. The equal right to choose means that everyone in the USA is free to choose everything from their life partners to their way of living to their spending habits. No one is dependent on another human being for their choices and the consequences. This is why if a kid is still in his parents’ house after turning 18, he is looked down upon by society as he is capable of exercising this right but cannot do so due to still being financially dependent on his parents. And so, he is still dependent on his parents for his lifestyle which goes in the opposite direction of what this fundamental right to choose independently stands for.

On top of this, is the fact that anyone can choose anything as long as it is independent of anyone else. This means, any person irrespective of religion, race, sex, etc., is entitled to his or her own choices if it does not harm anyone else. And every person’s choice is given equal weightage in this country. That is where the equal rights to choose come in. In developing countries like India, many women are still financially dependent on their husbands and as such, can’t exercise their rights to choose freely whereas, the husband has all the rights. This is a clear case of inequality of the right to choose which is contrary to this American right. This is one more reason why people aspire to go to America to settle down in the future.

If you are a student or any individual planning to move to the United States of America, the above-mentioned points should give you enough confidence and assure you that you will get opportunities for more than just education.