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What is Human Resource Development?

Human Resource Development has many definitions. Every person has a different approach to the Human Resource Development. Human Resource Development can be defined as a comprehensive process where the skills of an individual are enhanced which will not just help the organization in achieving the organizational goals; but also help the individual to lead a healthy life. Thus, Human Resource Development does not just take into consideration the Organizational aspect but the Individual aspect as well. It is a process of adding to the capacity of the individual. It adds value to the individual, group and organization.

Human Resource Development has a wider scope than the Human Resource Management. In other words; Human Resource Management is a subset of Human Resource Development.

Objectives of Human Resource Development:

Human Resource Development is of great importance to the business. It provides a basis for which the organizational goals can be achieved. The basic objectives of Human Resource Development are:

  1. Employability: Human Resource Development is associated with imbibing skills to the employees. The higher the skill set and productivity of the employee is, the higher will be his chances of getting employed. Thus, HRD gives its employees the best training so as to make them efficient in their respective fields. This is the main aim of the HRD Function.
  2. Equity: Equity refers to maintaining Equity in the business. It states that there should be harmony in the business environment. There should be no discrimination among the employees on the basis of caste, creed, color or regional backgrounds. They should come together to work for the achievement of organizational goals. It is the responsibility of Human Resource Department to keep everyone integrated and to mitigate any resistance developing between employees or organization.
  3. Adaptability: The environment of the business is dynamic in nature i.e. it is ever changing. The business evolves with time. It becomes hard for the employees to adapt themselves to such changing businesses. Thus, it becomes the responsibility of HRD to train the employees in an efficient and effective manner so that they can work easily and adjust themselves to the environment.
Human Resources Development Help

Features of Human Resource Development:

Human Resource Development is a comprehensive process of management. It has distinct features:

  1. Systematic Approach: Human Resource Development is a systematic approach. It is applied to proper planning. It is formed on the basis of the plans formed by the Top Management to be achieved in the future. For the implementation of Human Resource Development, proper strategies are designed and it involves brainstorming to figure out the needs and desires of employees and how to integrate them with the Organizational Goals.
  2. Multi-Disciplinary: Human Resource Development is a Multi-disciplinary concept which involves the application of different studies. It requires proper knowledge about the psychology, commerce, management, behavioral science, engineering the business processes and economics etc.
  3. Pervasive in Nature: It is pervasive in nature i.e. it is applicable to every type of organization and it has to be adopted by every level and every department in the organization. Human Resource Development is not an individual task. It is an organization-wide function.
  4. Continuous Approach: Human Resource Development is not a single time task. It has to be performed continuously. It never stops. Once the cycle of implementing is done; it should be evaluated and the shortcoming should be checked and corrected. Then again it starts. Thus it keeps going on in the organization.
  5. Technical System: Human Resource is a function that requires technical applicability. All the functions of Human Resource Development are carried out with technical applications like Performance appraisal, training and development, compensation management, career counseling etc.

Functions of Human Resource Development:

  1. The basic function to be carried out is the Recruitment process. With Human Resource Development the foremost thing to be done is to estimate the requirement of the workforce in present and future and recruiting such people who will serve as the best fit for the job Recruitment and selection of employees for meeting the present and future requirements of an organization.
  2. HRD carries out the performance analysis of the employee through interactive sessions of additional training and understanding his nature and capacity of performance.
  3. Performance Counseling is provided to the employees.
  4. Enhancement of the productivity of the employees is focused.
  5. Career planning and counseling are done for the employee and different development programs are introduced.
  6. Employees are involved in decision and strategy making.
  7. Job Rotation and Job enrichment are adopted to better the performance of employees.
  8. Employees are divided into groups for in-depth understanding of Team dynamics and its importance.
  9. Development of employees through managerial and behavioral skills.

Benefits of Human Resource Development:

  • Human Resource Development helps in building the trust between the employee and the employer. There is a sense of belongingness among the both which helps in building the mutual understanding and trust between them. This way the employer can also rely on the employee and there is a greater balance in the business environment.
  • Human Resource Development helps the employee to achieve his potential growth. This, in turn, motivates him and builds his commitment towards the organization. It instills the sense of loyalty among the employees.
  • Human Resource Development imbibes the employees with new skills related to work management. This helps in increasing the efficiency and productivity of the employees. Thus, it makes the employees competent to survive in the business as well as the market.
  • Human Resource Development brings harmony into the business by bringing people from different backgrounds under the same shelter. They coordinate with each other for the proper working of the organization.
  • Human Resource Development gives an all-round development to the employees. This proves to be beneficial for the business in the long run.
  • It helps the business in making a good reputation in the market. It helps in attracting the competitive and good employee into the business.

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