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HR as Strategic Tool Assignment Help

Generally, strategic human resource management is considered to be a practice of basically aligning all the business strategies with the HR practices in order to achieve all the possible strategic tools in specific. The main aim of the strategic human resource management is to basically ensure that the HR strategy usually doesn’t mean but ultimately end up to follow all the business objectives in specific. The main idea behind the SHRM is to specifically fit in their strategies within the overall business objectives and at the same time ensure that there is proper alignment in the practices and other objectives at the same time.

History of SHRM

So, with the advent of the new industries of the economy like the IT and other service sectors usually involve all the organizations in the entire world and have realized the human resources in order to be viewed as one of the source of the advantage to further access to the technology and capital is further concerned. This eventually mean the practice of the HRM is enable to further view anything that promote the business objectives of the firms and other different factors in the same way the firm is actually managed.

How do the strategic human resource management fit into the strategy?

So, with the advent of the economy today all the services usually are considered to be a major share of the GDP and also the fact that the service sector is quite effective in the people centric because it becomes quite imperative in order to approach to people for the business strategy. The main practice of the SHRM usually demands the proactive and also the hands on approach by the management in particular with the basic regards of the entire activities varying from staffing to training and then monitoring and developing the performance management.

How does the way SHRM works?

So, there are many organizations that have a sole function in order to look to further enable and also fulfil all the needs in specific. This has basically marked the modification in order to treat the people as the basic resources in order to treat the people like assets. In order to further elaborating to the point ultimately one might find that the organization tend to leverage all the capabilities of the people who have basically employed out there and further ensuring that there is well nourished human capital and this later onwards translates the HR department and other people managers in each and every group usually dealing with the employee issues as basically opposed in order to treat with the line management function in particular.

Strategic human resource management usually have managers making use of numerous tools in order to translate the company’s strategic aims into different HRM policies and practices because all of these tools might further involve the strategy map and the digital dashboard in specific.

  1. Strategic Map – It is considered to be a strategic planning tool that usually shows the big picture about how department usually perform and contribute towards achieving the overall strategic goals. It usually assists the manager to further visualize and also understand the basic role of the department in order to achieve the company’s strategic plan. They usually clarify the employees in order to link all the efforts with the company’s goals. One of the top level targets is to basically achieve the profitability and revenue goals because of the strategy map as this shows you the chain of the certain activities that further help you to achieve all of the goals. Although, you can maintain the low prices and it basically require motivated ground and also flight crews to further result in the strategy map that might assist the department to further understand what the requirements are required to support this low cost strategy in return.
  2. The HR Scorecard – It is considered to be the process of further assigning all the financial and non financial goals for the human resource management and further it is related to the chain of numerous activities initially required for accomplishing all the strategic aims with monitoring the appropriate results.

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  • There are many different employers who basically quantify these map activities in specific. But this scorecard usually helps in order to take it forward.
  • These managers usually make use of the scorecard to facilitate it and it further shows the relationship in between the HR activities, the resulting firm wide strategic outcomes and other employee behaviour in specific.
  • This is basically derived from the planning approach that usually aims in order to balance the hard data and financial measures with the soft data with the satisfaction of the customers in specific.
  1. Digital Dashboard – It usually presents the manager with the graphs and the charts and also a computerized picture about the company that usually stands for all of those from the HR scorecard procedure. The main purpose of the digital dashboard is to basically present the manager with the desktop charts and graphs initially showing a computerized picture about how the company works or website of the company. This is because it usually enables the manager to further take the correct action.

What do you mean by the strategic human resource management?

It is considered to be the connection in between the company’s human resources and also its strategies, goals and objectives. The basic aim of the strategic human resource management is the following:-

  • Improvising the business performance
  • Advance innovation, flexibility, competitive advantage
  • Building up a fit for the purpose managerial culture

So, in order to make the SHRM quite effective it usually play a vital role because the company policies are usually drafted and further implemented and at the same time are further demonstrated in various activities such as training, hiring and rewarding employees at the same time. It further involves in order looking for different ways that the human resources can eventually make the major impact on the company’s growth. Basically, the HR personnel eventually require to further adopt the strategic approach in order to later on build up and retaining all the employees to further meet the needs of the company’s long term plans. There are different HR issues that can considered to be quite tough in order to cross many different companies and there are basically all types of different components that one might confuse all the business owners and further cause them in order to make those decisions that are not effective and slow down the further operations for the employees. Therefore, in order to ensure that one need not worry about being actually lost on the HR related issues again.

Importance of Strategic Human Resource Management

There are most of the companies that are more likely to be quite successful because all the teams are usually working towards the objectives in particular. It usually carries out the analysis of the employees and further determines the actions that have been required in order to increase the value of the company. The management further resulted in the analysis to further build different HR tools in order to address the employee weaknesses too. Although, there are some of the benefits as well:-

  • Great work culture
  • well-organized resource management
  • Increase in job satisfaction
  • Improvised rate of customer satisfaction
  • Proactive approach in managing employees

Here are steps to strategic human resource management that one should not miss it:-

Strategic Human resource management is considered to be the key for the retention in the development of the quality staff and it is likely that all the employees might find their values and wish to stay with the company that usually places an engagement for the employees. Just prior you implement the strategic human resource management one need to eventually draft the strategic HR planning procedure making use of the steps mentioned below:-

  1. Build up an understanding about the company’s objectives – So, after the success of the HR is basically dependent on how it actually links up the company’s aims and one need to basically have a complete understanding about the aims and mission. You might be able to further articulate both the long and short term plans for the development and growth to the relevant in particular. Make sure that one have the clear communication about the company’s aims and further it will make quite easier for you to further formulate the effective resource management strategy.
  2. Check for the HR capability – In order to check the HR capabilities it might enable you to further understand about the employees one have and how they usually contribute towards the same in order to further fulfil the objectives and goals and at the same time one should eventually undertake the skills inventory for each and every employee. It usually helps you in order to discover the experts in one field because it usually helps one in order to identify about the interest in being trained. One of the great times to further assess the skills while the performance review.
  3. Analyze the current HR capabilities – Basically, an assessment might help you in order to recognize the barriers and further implement the plan of action in order to capitalize the opportunities and at the same time effectively deal with all the threats because the strategic HR personnel might eventually analyze the number of different employees and also different skills that might eventually work with the senior leadership in order to further identify different and a better way to serve the needs of the company.
  4. Approximation of your future HR requirements – Just after the analysis process it is the time for to you to further forecast all your HR needs because this forecast might be done according to the demand and supply. If you forecast a company’s future the HR requirements might depend upon the new roles and job in order to secure the future of the company and other different skills that are required in order to undertake the new responsibilities and making sure that the expertise are being used sufficiently.
  5. Establish the techniques required for the employees to finish the job – So, the HR personnel need to liaise with the approx departments in order to find out the use of tools and also the impact of the ability in order to further perform their roles accordingly. The managing of the software is considered to be quite important in order to manage the HR functions such as sick leave or scheduling etc. Basically, deputy offer the functionality in order to manage all the employees hour and the timings because this usually enable all the employee to further focus on the tasks identified in the strategic HR plan that usually have the direct impact on the growth.
  6. Execution of the human resource management strategy – Once the analysis and the forecast of the Company’s HR requirements is over then it is important to expand the workforce in order to build up the current workers to further equip the company for the growth. One can ultimately achieve the implementation of the human resource management strategy by eventually following some of the steps;-
  • Begin with the recruitment process – HR experts usually start in order to search for different candidates who eventually possess all the skills that have been identified while HR strategic planning procedure.
  • Structure the selection procedure – The interviews and other different selection criteria that usually takes place and all the relevant tests one might used in order to assess about the candidates to further carry out different roles
  • Start hiring for the applicants – Your Company might eventually make the candidate the job offer after the appropriate check that have been carried out.
  1. Corrective and check action – HR personnel eventually should decide the basic timeline to further carry the HR management review and this review should further track all the major progress to further identify different areas for the improvement. This review shall eventually be measured again different changes that are assisting towards the company in order to achieve all of their different goals and the corrective action must be eventually taken if the strategic human resource management is actually failing to meet all the objectives.

There have been different articles that have been published involving the following;-

  1. Science Direct that has been published in order to explore the basic relationship in between the strategic HR management and also different performance of the company and that article also usually explores the basic connection in between the strategic management and also the performance.
  2. Sage journals are the website strategic HR management articles that tell the relationship in between the HR management and other organizational committees.
  1. HR services – The strategic HR management is considered to be quite important for every company out there. Basically, your company doesn’t really need to further employ the specific number of employee before beginning to implementing the strategic human resource management procedures.
  • So, if you further have the plan in order to grow the business one should eventually be thinking in order to connect all the growth of the strategic human resource management. There are some of the companies that might usually outsource the major part of the business and this is because they usually don’t have the in house HR function.
  • These services usually provide the full service HR functions involving the development of the human resource management strategy. The strategic HR services usually help in order to take away all the burden of both the operational and the strategic management to further facilitate the major growth of the business in particular.
  • In order to further facilitate the company’s future growth one should make use of all the tools in order to free up the time and one might get that strategic aspect of the business in particular.

Therefore, there have been times when basically the management could randomly speak about the terms of the employees and at the same time stride upon their rights which is actually something that is irrelevant now. So, with the ballooning of the workforce it have become quite necessary for different organizations in order to pay more attention that one eventually need for the employee more than any other ever. So, the major fact that the organization eventually derive this strategy is from the employees majorly rather than imposing their strategies upon them in the force of the SHRM.

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