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It is a set of instruction which is written in computer languages in order to be executed to perform given work. Here programming languages developed day-by-day in these days And it is called programming technique.

Programming is works on the some special type of software system such as:

  • Compilers and interpreters.
  • Accounting system it is an application software.
  • Tools and utilities such as MS office.
  • Embedded system software such as electronics devices

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All work is done by a programmer by translating the human understandable language into the machining languages by the help of compilers and interpreters.

Compilers: It is the special type of software which gets all source code means all program which was written by programmer and translates them into the computer program.

Interpreter:It translate in one command of computer program from source code into the machine language at same time. It gives result after executing program line-by-line.

Programming Process:

  • Specification: In this step we explain about objective, outputs, Inputs, processing and then document.
  • Design: It comes after specification in which, we have to do complete planning of a solution and for this we have to use structured programming techniques such as “Top-Down program design”, “flowcharts”, “logic structure”.
  • Coding: It helps in good and reliable programming, also easily understandable to other programmers. Best method is structured programming.
  • Testing: After coding testing is the important part to consider by every programmer in which we we can debug the whole code and eliminate all errors. Errors such as syntax error, logic errors.
  • Documentation: It comes after testing when program is ready to us, it helps in understanding all programs by the help of written description of all procedures. And it helps to all of them who use this program.
  • Maintenance: It comes after all processes, which helps in error free operations and reliable effective programming.
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